I'm 16 this year and have been writing for about ten years. I have no phone or anything and corona has sucked my friend life away for now - not that I had much of one. I love running and doing yoga and recently did my first 5k. I am training for a 10k hopefully by the end of this year. I have none of the things below (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook...etc.), but I thought it was time to share a bit of my writing with others. And out.


  • Hobbies Writing - Novels, Songs, Poems, Short Stories, Essays, Emails, Comments...I Love It All. Reading Running Yoga
  • Music Celtic - I'm Scottish Pathetic Break-Up Songs Movie Music 80's 70's
  • TV Shows We Don't Have a TV. Or Internet.
  • Movies Okay, I Love Them All. Kids/People With Powers Anything With Strong Girls/Women (Scarlet Johanson...) Anything Marvel
  • Interests Everything, Including Being Weird. Staring at Blank Walls (No Joke) Writing Reading Greek, Roman, and Norse Mythology (Hence My Love of Rick Riordan) Movies
Birthday Mar-27

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