Where There's Smoke

By E. B. Vickers

Her Dark Wings

By Melinda Salisbury

Caught in a Bad Fauxmance

By Elle Gonzalez Rose

Win Lose Kill Die

By Cynthia Murphy

Didn't See That Coming

By Jesse Q. Sutanto


By Brandon Sanderson

The Revenge Game

By Jordyn Taylor


By Christopher Paolini

Eragon: The Illustrated Edition

By Christopher Paolini

Sinner's Isle

By Angela Montoya

Hatchet Girls

By Diana Rodriguez Wallach

Bright Red Fruit

By Safia Elhillo

Plan A

By Deb Caletti

The Homecoming War

By Addie Woolridge

Eight Dates and Nights

By Betsy Aldredge

Nubia: The Reckoning

By Omar Epps

The Haunting

By Natasha Preston

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