YA Books to Read for Women’s History Month

Read these books to celebrate the women who inspire you on and off the page!

Underlined Paperbacks!

Endless entertainment. Browse for your next favorite romance, thriller, and horror paperback book!

North Texas Teen Book Festival 2020 Booth Schedule and Events!

Visit us at the Underlined Booth for swag, games, signings, and more! Check out our full list of giveaways and events...

Genre-Bending YA Books You Should Read ASAP

Some books are easy to categorize, while others combine a little of this with a little of that. Here’s a list of genre-bending YA books and our best attempt at a comparative description for each.

What Kind of Fantasy Should You Should Write in 2020?

Want to write a fantasy novel in 2020 but have no idea where to start? Answer a few questions, and we'll help you choose some elements to begin to craft the perfect story!

Best Nonfiction YA Books for Documentary Fans

Do you love watching documentaries? Check out this list of the best nonfiction YA books for documentary fans!

Author Wendelin Van Draanen’s Advice to Writers On How to Nurture Your Spark

Hope in the Mail is part memoir and part how-to guide for aspiring writers. In this post the author tells us more about how she learned to love research and how that helped her writing process.

Acclaimed Author Jeff Henigson Reveals the Tool We Can Use to Positively Change the World

Jeff Henigson, the author of the critically acclaimed young adult memoir Warhead, shares his thoughts on writing for the YA world and his process...

The Perfect YA Book to Match Your Favorite Quote from the Inventor of Galentine’s Day

These hilarious and heartwarming quotes from Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation) will get you pumped for 2/13!

Reading List: 8 Romance Books That Broke (Then Repaired) Our Hearts

We've all had our heart broken by books . . . and we want more! Check out this reading list of the best YA romance books that broke (then repaired) our hearts.

Books to Make You Fall in Love With Love This Valentine’s Day

Let's settle in for the perfect cozy Valentine’s Day! You’re sure to fall in love with all the love stories on this list. . . .

13 Classic YA Books to Reread When You’re Feeling Nostalgic

Feeling nostalgic? Dive into our list of 13 classic YA books to reread. Crack open one of these beloved YA books and reconnect with your favorite YA characters!

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