9 Must-Reads for Fans of His Dark Materials on HBO

There are three thrilling books in the fantasy YA book series His Dark Materials, a modern classic that tells the tale of Lyra and Will as they embark on perilous journeys through multiple worlds.

Sneak Peek: Read Chapters 1-4 of Starsight by Brandon Sanderson

Go beyond the stars in the sequel to Brandon Sanderson's New York Times bestseller Skyward! Start reading Chapters 1-4 now!

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7 Famous Fictional Foods That Totally Made Us Hungry

Ever felt the irresistible urge to taste a fictional treat you've read about in your favorite book? Here is our list of 7 delicious fictional foods we want to try!

5 Young Adult Novels That Would Make Amazing Video Games

With rich world building, immersive storytelling, and unforgettable characters, these 5 YA novels would make great video games. Which one would you play?

How to Create a Fantasy World in Four Easy Steps

If you're writing a fantasy book or series, these tips from author Kelly Coon will help! 

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New Books: November 2019

This month in YA includes the hot fantasy debut Blood Heir, by Amélie Wen Zhao and more! Check out our picks for November...

Three Writing Tips by Lauren Markham, Author of The Far Away Brothers

Discover 3 writing tips by Lauren Markham, the author of the YA book The Far Away Brothers, and start writing your own stories!

How to Write a Book: Writing a First Chapter That WORKS by Debut Author Erin Stewart

Erin Stewart, author of the debut YA novel Scars Like Wings, has some writing tips that all aspiring writers could use.

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