10 Winter Writing Prompts to Warm You Up

We know it’s cold outside, so we’re giving you a great reason to stay inside. You guessed it—start writing!

Inspired by the season, here are ten winter writing prompts for a cold winter’s day:

1. Describe in great detail the sensation of going from the cold, blustery outdoors to the warm indoors.

2. Write about your favorite winter or snow-day memory in third person, with you as the main character. If you want to get more creative, add elements of magic, science fiction, or suspense!

3. Write from the point of view of a snowflake falling to earth.

4. Write from the point of view of a snowman, from creation to melting.

5. Write a love letter to spring, as if the season were your love interest and you’re anxiously awaiting their return.

6. Look out a window and describe what you see. Try modeling your language after one of your favorite authors!

7. Imagine you were trapped indoors by a wild and unexpected blizzard. Write journal entries, marking the days before you are freed.

8. Write to an imaginary pen pal from a tropical climate. Explain winter and what you love about it.

9. Describe winter as if it were a person. What is it like? How does it dress? What kind of family is it from? Who are its friends? Let your imagination run wild.

10. Detail your perfect winter day, from first opening your eyes to going to sleep.

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