New Books: November

With holiday cheer, stunning sequels, and a National Book Award finalist, this list of November new releases will be sure to delight! Check out our new books this month...

Sneak Peek! Start Reading Together, Apart Now...

Each unique story in this paperback collection has the one thing we all want: a guaranteed happy ending. Start reading these romantic, realistic, and uplifting stories in this excerpt now...

Books That Will Make You Want to Fall in Love

Since we all deserve a little love in our lives, we’re ready to play matchmaker! Whether you prefer your love stories cute, funny, or bittersweet, we’ll help you find a romantic YA book you can fall hard for...

A Book Rec for Every Popular Fall Scent!

Nothing beats reading a good book on a crisp, golden fall day, with a perfect breeze rustling the autumn leaves. But quite possibly better than that are the scents of fall.

Exclusive Excerpt: Chapter One of Sunreach by Brandon Sanderson

Calling all Brandon Sanderson fans! Read (and listen to!) chapter one of SUNREACH, a new adventure in the Skyward series.

13 Spooky YA Books to Read by the Campfire

Fall means cooler weather, changing leaves, and spooky YA books! If you’re craving a bone-chilling story that will send shivers up your spine, we’ve got you covered.

23 Stories That Explore Perspective and Experience

In this list, we’ve rounded up twenty-three powerful stories about hope, resilience, and perseverance that explore perspective and experience.

Books That Will Inspire the Activist In You

Here is a list of excellent, powerful stories to inspire us to use our voices to uplift one another....

The Most-Anticipated YA Books to Read This Fall

While 2020 has been an unpredictable year so far, there’s one thing we’ve all been looking forward to— the amazing lineup of new fall YA books!

Q&A with Author and Activist Ger Duany

Walk Toward the Rising Sun is the amazing autobiography of a young Sudanese boy who went from a child soldier to an international peace activist. In this Q&A, Ger Duany tells us about his journey.

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