Books to Read if Sweeney Todd Is Your Favorite Musical

There’s a musical for everyone—even if your tastes run less Maria von Trapp and more Wednesday Addams. With Sweeney Todd back on Broadway, we’re craving more delightfully macabre reads to check out after we’ve finished the show. Whether you’re in it for the serial killers, the dark side of love, or the revenge story, there are plenty of books like Sweeney Todd on this list to add to your TBR.

Hatchet Girls by Diana Rodriguez Wallach

The guy found standing over the dead bodies with blood on his hands is usually a good suspect for the murder. Except Tessa Gomez knows her brother Vik isn’t capable of a crime that gruesome, even though his girlfriend Mariella has accused him of killing her parents with an axe. And she’s going to prove it—by heading into the town’s notoriously cursed forest.

With a protagonist haunted by a terrible past, Hatchet Girls is a perfect next read for fans of Sweeney Todd. And while an axe isn’t exactly a set of barber razors, this supernatural thriller will hit all the right notes.

Hatchet Girls

Hatchet Girls

Set more than one hundred years after the Borden murders, this propulsive, supernatural thriller imagines what might happen if history were to repeat itself today. Perfect for fans of Kara Thomas and Courtney Summers!

The Wicked Unseen by Gigi Griffis

When Audre moves to rural Pennsylvania, she instantly knows it’s not going to be a warm welcome when she discovers the entire town is convinced there’s a secret Satanic cult doing rituals in the forest (and that Audre might be part of it). But when her friend and crush goes missing and the town suspects her of the deed, Audre starts searching for the truth—and the truth may be even more sinister than she imagined.

If haunting truths are your favorite part of the musical, you’re bound to enjoy this twisting tale.

The Wicked Unseen

The Wicked Unseen

The new girl in town is having trouble fitting into a community that believes there’s a secret Satanic cult conducting rituals in the woods. When her crush goes missing, she starts to wonder if the town’s obsession with evil isn’t covering up something far worse. Perfect for fans of Fear Street!

Kill Joy by Holly Jackson

Pip isn’t looking forward to her friend’s 1920s-themed murder mystery party—at least until the party begins. Soon she’s drawn into the world of the story, reimagining the town as an island called Joy. But as Pip investigates the murder of the fictional Reginald Remy, things start feeling a little less imaginary.

This novella detailing Pip’s final investigation in the A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series is perfect for readers enticed by killers who hide in plain sight.

Kill Joy

Kill Joy

You’re invited to the murder mystery party of the year! Fans of the hit series A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder will love Pip’s final detective case in this mystery novella from #1 New York Times bestselling author Holly Jackson.

The Revenge Game by Jordyn Taylor

When Alyson meets Brenton at boarding school, she knows their connection is real—even if her instincts about guys are, well, a bit lacking. But then she learns that her male classmates have set up a competition called the King’s Cup to measure their sexual prowess. Does Brenton really like her, or does he just want to win?

The Revenge Game is sure to satisfy readers who loved the plot twists in Sweeney Todd—and we’re pretty sure you’ll love the humor, too.

The Revenge Game

The Revenge Game

A wickedly comic feminist mystery about the dark side of a hopeless romantic’s seemingly perfect love story—for readers of Jessica Goodman and Kara Thomas.

The Society for Soulless Girls by Laura Steven

Carvell Academy of the Arts is reopening after four students were killed in the North Tower. Incoming freshman Lottie is determined to find the truth behind the unsolved murders—but when her roommate Alice discovers a sinister ritual in the library, another student meets their death. Can Lottie and Alice discover the secret behind the killings before the North Tower claims them, too?

If you feel like serial killer stories are the vibe, this dark academia thriller might be your next favorite read.

The Society for Soulless Girls

The Society for Soulless Girls

A sapphic enemies-to-lovers retelling of Jekyll & Hyde, this dark academia thriller follows two roommates who must solve an infamous cold case of serial murders on their campus after an arcane ritual gone wrong prompts another death.

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