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1. Building…ten…SION! Writing Mysteries and Thrillers

With Sara Shepard, coauthor of Influence.

Keeping readers on the edge of their seats and turning pages with growing dread, doom, and delight is a unique skill. You have to think like a hero and a villain. How do you do it? How do you build a labyrinth for readers and chase them through it?

Saturday, Nov 14th, 11 am ET / 8 am PT

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2. He/She/They Said What Now? On Writing Realistic Conversations

Masterclass with Nic Stone, author of Dear Justyce 

Dialogue: that ever elusive element of narrative where words printed on a page represent people speaking aloud. What’s its purpose? How do you keep it from “sounding” stilted? Use tags or don’t use tags? When and where and HOW should people “talk” in stories? Join Nic Stone—self-proclaimed (and maybe a little delusional) Mastress of Dialogue—in this masterclass on creating fictional conversations that will carry the dual-weight of plot progression and character development.

Saturday, Nov 14th, 1 pm ET / 10 am PT

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3. Love Notes Sponsored by Underlined

With Jennifer Niven, author of Breathless; and Nicola Yoon, author of The Sun Is Also a Star 

How do you create a story that captures the romantic, in all its heart-fluttering, skin-tingling mysteries? What are the techniques that can make a reader swoon, and how do you keep it grounded in the YA space?

Saturday, Nov 14th, 1 pm ET / 10 am PT

GIVEAWAY: 50 copies of the new quarantine love story anthology Together, Apart.

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4. Someone Else’s Sandbox

With Kiersten White, author of The Camelot Betrayal

Writing IP for characters and worlds that are not your own, writing for characters and in worlds that fans have strong feelings about. How do you tell original stories that also give people what they love about the IP? How do you navigate competing corporate and creative interests?

Saturday, Nov 14th, 5 pm ET / 2 pm PT

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5. Dark Stories Shine Bright

With Jay Kristoff, coauthor of Aurora Burning 

Dark stories don’t mean bleak stories. How do you tell exciting stories that can (and do) get heavy, without dragging them (and your readers) down?

Saturday, Nov 14th, 6 pm ET / 3 pm PT

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6. Writing in Pairs

With Dhonielle Clayton, editor of A Universe of Wishes; and Amie Kaufman, coauthor of Aurora Burning 

Writing can get a little bit lonely sometimes– so why not do it with a friend? Sona, Dhonielle, Amie, Anna-Marie, Tehlor and Meagan go into the nuts and bolts of writing as a duo—how it works, how it doesn’t, and how their approach has changed over time.

Saturday, Nov 14th, 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT

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Instagram Live Schedule!

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 1. Ideas, Plotting & Pantsing

With Sara Shepard and Lilia Buckingham

Friday, Nov 13th, 1 pm ET / 10 am PT

 2. Querying & Publishing

with Nicola Yoon and David Yoon

Friday, Nov 13th, 2 pm ET / 11 am PT

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Nic Stone: If I thought the world had ended, I was wrong . . .

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Attend the Underlined Pajama Party!

Grab your favorite pajamas and join us for a night of games, giveaways, and Q&As with Mahogany L. Browne, author of Chlorine Sky; Lilia Buckingham, coauthor of Influence; Namina Forna, author of The Gilded Ones; and Holly Jackson, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.

If you love games, if you’re looking for life and writing advice, if you miss hanging out with your favorite Book Nerds, or if you want to be the first to know about the biggest books of 2021, then you don’t want to miss this PJ party! Spots are limited so sign up now HERE!

*This event is currently sold out*

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