8 Times the Every Day Movie Makes Us Believe in Love Again

You know that feeling when your favorite book becomes a movie, and you’re so excited but also nervous? You want the movie to do the book justice, and all the anticipation can be really scary.

Well, GET READY for the Every Day movie, because if you love the novel by David Levithan, you are going to LOVE the movie version.

We can sum up our feelings about the Every Day movie in one word: love. It’s an incredible love story about learning to love openly, and we LOVE everything about it. In case you couldn’t tell, we’re kind of obsessed.

Seeing this story come to life truly makes us believe in love again. Here’s why . . .

***Light spoilers ahead!***

1. The character “A”

Imagine that every morning you wake up in a different body. Always the same age but never the same person twice. Well, this is A, a character who is so complex and beautiful that it’s hard to imagine an on-screen version. But the Every Day movie nailed it. A diverse cast of characters  play A, and we love them all.

2. Every time A tucks Rhiannon’s hair behind her ear

This simple recurring moment between Rhiannon and A melts us every single time. We may not be seeing the same face in each scene, but we feel the same feels.

3. When A tells Rhiannon she has a nice smile

Who doesn’t love being told that they have a nice smile? Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement. Kindness counts.

4. When A and Rhiannon dance at the party

Everyone’s heard the phrase “dance like no one is watching.” Normally that level of cheesiness is cringe-worthy, but in this scene it WORKS. Sometimes you just gotta do yo thang, and we love seeing Rhiannon come out of her shell to get a little weird with A.

5. When A and Rhiannon meet at the library

We dare you to find a book nerd who can resist a cute library scene! When Rhiannon is starting to get to know A and they meet at a library, it is the CUTEST. Books and love. That’s all we really need, right?

6. When A/Rhiannon and Jolene laugh in the car

Every Day isn’t just a romantic love story—it’s about all kinds of love, and we are kind of obsessed with Rhiannon’s older sister, Jolene. Seeing them together, especially laughing, makes us what to grab our siblings and hold them tight (until they annoy us again, of course).

7. When Rhiannon and A go to the lake house

Okay, let’s pump up the romance, shall we? A and Rhiannon’s getaway to the lake house is perfection. It’s not just because A is a mega-hottie, but because they really start to SEE each other. Sigh.

8. The sparkler scene!

The only thing better than running around in an open field with the person you love is adding SPARKLERS! This is the stuff of dreams, people! A and Rhiannon, you have stolen our hearts, and we don’t even want them back.

Who is running to the movie theater this weekend to see Every Day? We’ll see you there. K, back to watching the trailer on repeat. . . .

Every Day

Every Day


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