10 Reasons Why Paperbacks Are Honestly the Best

We love books in all sizes, shapes, and formats, but today we’re here to talk about why paperbacks are the best.

If you’re not a fan of paperbacks, this list might convince you otherwise. . . .

1. Paperbacks are easy to take with you everywhere.

They fit right into almost any purse or even in your back pocket. With a paperback you never have to be without your book . . . just maybe look up from time to time so you can watch where you’re going.

2. You can bring more of them with you when you travel.

When you’re packing for a trip you can easily bring even MORE books with you, because paperbacks are smaller and lighter. Pack away, baby.

3. Paperbacks don’t break the bank.

They cost less, which means you can buy more! Go ahead, treat yourself!

4. You can fit more of them on your shelves.

They are smaller, so it’s just science. And who doesn’t love science?

5. It’s easier to lend them to a friend.

It’s a little easier to let go of a paperback (unless it’s your old favorite copy) so letting a friend borrow them is less of a blow than saying goodbye to a hardcover (do people ever give books back anyway?)

6. They’re easier to read on the DL.

When you’d just rather be reading, they are a lot easier to hide. Never worry about an awkward social situation again!

7. They don’t have dust jackets.

Jackets are beautiful, but with a paperback you never have to worry about taking the jacket off, damaging it, ripping it. You can live your reading life carefree and unattached. Doesn’t it just make you want to skip?

8. They are more flexible.

They are bendable, flexible, and they show just the right amount of wear and tear after being read. You can tell how much they’ve been loved, and we love that.

9. They don’t make that awful spine-cracking noise.

Opening a hardcover and hearing the spine crack makes us cringe every time. With a paperback, you can break open that beautiful book and relax.

10. They are another edition to collect.

Lastly, paperbacks offer another edition to add to your collection because when you really love a book, you need every version of it! And having every edition of your favorite book is something to celebrate. You go, you!

And because we’re all about the paperbacks today, here are a few we recommend:

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