8 Perfectly Cheesy Dad Jokes for Book Lovers!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and dad-figures out there! We love you for your support, wisdom, and mostly for your terrible hilarious jokes. In honor of your embarrassing but endearing sense of humor, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite dad jokes . . . of the book-nerd variety.


  1. I’m reading a book about antigravity. It’s impossible to put down!
  2. Want to hear a joke about a piece of paper? Never mind . . . it’s tearable.
  3. Why does the ghost always need more books? She goes through them too quickly.
  4. Why does an elephant use his trunk as a bookmark? So he NOSE where he stopped reading.
  5. I just finished this book about Mount Everest. It was a cliff-hanger.
  6. A second glance is all that’s needed for a book re-view.
  7. I had plans to begin reading a book about sinkholes, but they fell through.
  8. What did the sketchbook say to the novel? I’m drawing a blank.


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