10 Reasons Why the Plot of Titanic is Basically a YA Novel

Titanic is turning 20-years-old, and to celebrate an entire generation of wishing Leo and Kate were married in real life, the movie is back in theaters.

While reminiscing about this movie’s perfection we realized that the story line of Titanic is basically a young adult romance novel. Here’s why:


***Warning, spoilers ahead!*** But, if you haven’t seen this movie already, SHAME!

1. Unfair parental pressure.

Rose’s mom is the WORST. She ran out of money so she’s forcing Rose to marry the most boring guy on the planet. Mom, why can’t you just allow Rose to let her freak flag fly?!

2. Love triangle.

We all dig a good love triangle that really rocks the boat (PUN!) and the Rose-Cal-Jack story line is as good as it gets. Rose is engaged to Cal, the rich, mother-approved, snob. However, Jack, the handsome, free-spirited, starving artist falls for her too. Perfect recipe for a juicy YA love disaster.

3. Forbidden romance.

Of course, Rose falls for said starving artist, a.k.a. the boy from steerage a.k.a. the hottest guy on the boat a.k.a. young Leonardo DiCaprio. Because when doesn’t the rich, privileged girl fall for the poor boy she’s not supposed to love? We live for this!

4. Car make out scene.

Making out in a car is a teenage rite of passage. 20 years later, the Jack and Rose car make out scene is still one of the hottest moments in cinema history. Thank you, James Cameron!

5. Ultimate heartbreak.

No YA romance is complete without a little heartache. Jack and Rose’s love story might have gone down with the ship but it will always go on in our hearts. PUNS!

6. Inexplicable dance scene.

Why does this always happen? There’s always that one swoony scene in YA love stories where the couple starts dancing, sometimes under the stars, sometimes to no music at all, and always for no apparent reason. At least in Titanic, Rose gets to show off her legit ballet skillz.

7. Identity crisis.

YA books basically invented the whole “pretending to be someone you’re not, until you can no longer fight the truth,” thing. After Rose survives the sinking, but loses the man she loves, she becomes an entirely different person, hiding from her past charmed life. But, Rose, the truth shall set you free.

8. Overdramatic and unnecessary goodbye scene.


9. Reckless behavior.

YA book characters are notorious for their questionable decisions. Some might blame it on their underdeveloped brains, but Rose, what is your excuse? Why. Did. You. Throw. The. Necklace. Into. The. Ocean? WHY?!

10. Céline Dion.

This actually has nothing to do with YA books at all, but….Céline Dion.

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