Your Travel Guide to the Southlands in Tess of the Road

It’s here! We’re so pumped for the release of Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman, a spin-off of the popular Seraphina duology.

Tess, Seraphina’s troublemaking younger sister, runs away from home to wander the Southlands dressed as a boy. To prepare you for the road trip of self-discovery and magic found in Tess of the Road, we’ve put together a travel guide to help you navigate the Southlands and thrive on the road.

Things to Take:


You’ll want to take leather walking boots, boy’s clothing (to disguise yourself and help you avoid trouble), a blanket, a map, water and of course road snacks!

Think Rings

These handy creations come in sets of two, allowing the owners to communicate with each other over long distances. You can use a thnik ring to call home, talk to a friend, or pass along useful information. No need for an old cell phone!

A Friend

Road trips are more fun with a friend. And if you can rescue the friend from a bad situation, that’s even better. Traveling together will keep loneliness at bay and give both of you some protection. Grab a bestie, and hop along!



Take at least two extra personas with you. You can alternate between being an adventurous lad and a runaway priest as needed. Having many faces can get you out of trouble, secure favors, and gain the trust of people you meet.


Landmarks to Watch for:


This is the first stop on your journey. It’s a good place to stock up on travel supplies, pick up that friend we mentioned earlier, and make a plan.



Village hostels are good places to recover from your adventures before starting out again. They’re also safe places to drag and leave any helpless old men you’ve rescued along the way.

Caves, Wells, and Sinkholes

Keep your eyes peeled for any sort of hole in the earth. They come in handy when you’re trying to track down or communicate with giant beasts of ancient lore.

Santi Prudia Monastery

One short visit here will change your entire life. You’ll never see the world the same way again.


This is a nice place to spend the winter and rediscover yourself before beginning your next adventure. You might even find romance here. Snuggle time!



Tips for Dealing with People:

Stealing Food

“Snatch and Run” is your motto. However, if you get caught, have a delightful tale ready to tell your captors. It will do wonders for getting you out of trouble and might even win you some dinner that you don’t have to steal.


Vagrants and Thieves

Have your adventurous lad personality at the ready and be prepared to bluff your way out of dangerous situations. The trick is to appear too tough to intimidate but too harmless to be a threat.

Monks, Priests, and Peasants

It’s time to dust off your runaway priest alias. Most men of faith will believe you and lend you a helping hand.


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