Why Reading Outside Is Honestly the Best

Not everyone loves reading outside—getting the right light, figuring out the angle of the sun, the bugs getting into your pages—but we’re here to tell you why you should make your book your companion for your next day in the great outdoors:

1. More Vitamin D

Out in the sun (and even in the shade), you get a dose of vitamin D, which boosts your mood. It might even make you want to sing while you read . . .


2. Grounding with Nature

“Grounding” with nature has been shown to stimulate greater activity in areas of the brain that are responsible for building empathy, love, and clear decision-making. In other words, just being outside under a rustling tree or on the grass can help you stay grounded, literally.

3. Picnic!

Reading outside is the perfect excuse to also pack a picnic—picnic baskets double as book bags, don’t ya know?

4. Less Stress

By taking an activity you would usually do indoors outside (such as reading a book), you expand your world and begin to mentally imprint the presence of nature into more aspects of your life, which can decrease stress and anxiety. Are you skipping with joy yet?


5. Natural Light

The more natural light, the better. Artificial light can cause nearsightedness, so your eyes will thank you for the screen break. If you like to read on an e-reader, don’t worry—many use e-ink technology so you don’t have to deal with that annoying glare.

6. More Sleep

Sunshine regulates your internal clock so you can enjoy improved sleep when you get home. And the more sleep you get, the more awake you’ll feel, so you can read more! See where we’er going with this?

7. More Social

Expand the fun of a book club by meeting up with fellow readers outdoors on an extra-large blanket with snacks.  Sunshine and books and friends AND snacks?! Happy dance all around.



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