Why All the Bright Places on Netflix Is the Best YA Movie Adaptation

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven has been adapted into a Netflix movie starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith! These two deliver emotion-packed performances that we can’t get enough of. The movie follows teenagers Violet and Finch as they meet, fall in love, and deal with some serious mental-health issues.

Not all teen movies are created equal, but we think All the Bright Places got it right! Here’s what we love about Netflix’s adaptation.

It’s funny.

Everyone who has ever been a teenager understands the importance of a well-placed punch line. All the Bright Places deals with some pretty heavy topics, but the humor sprinkled throughout the movie keeps it from getting too dark. Is there anything cuter than Finch looking through the grass for his car keys after he tosses them away?

The little details put it over the top.

Finch’s wall of Post-it notes, his collection of ’80s vinyl records, Violet’s glasses—these details make the characters feel like someone you might know. They could be the boy or girl next door or someone you go to school with. It’s the little things that give the characters personality and make them feel like real people.

It stays true to the book.

From the Virginia Woolf quotes to Finch’s vibrant personality, the movie stays true to the book in all the important ways. Of course, no movie will ever be exactly like the book, and you can expect some differences here, too. But in all the ways that count, the story you see on the screen is the same one you read in the book.

The chemistry between Finch and Violet is so real.

There’s no denying the chemistry between Finch and Violet. Right from the start, these two have a strong connection. Even though Violet resists at first, the friendship that blossoms between her and Finch is genuine. It’s no surprise when that friendship turns into something more. And let’s be honest—these two make the cutest couple!

It’s authentic.

We have to hand it to Elle and Justice—they delivered amazing performances! From the brightest, happiest parts of the movie (like that magical first kiss) to the heavy issues, everything feels real and authentic. It’s almost like you’re not watching a movie at all, but are right there with Violet and Finch as they experience their highs and lows.

It gives you all the feels!

Buckle in, because the movie takes you on an emotional roller coaster! Finch and Violet both experience a wide range of feelings in the movie. While Finch swings wildly between ups and downs, Violet doesn’t feel much at first. But as she gets to know Finch and climbs out of her depression, she starts to feel everything. From the brightest moments to the darkest, this movie makes you feel everything the characters do. Keep a box of tissues nearby as you watch. You’re going to need them!

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