What to Do When You Read a Book You NEED to Talk About, but You Don’t Want to Spoil It for Others!

If you haven’t already, you absolutely must read the new YA novel The Things She’s Seen by Ambelin Kwaymullina and Ezekiel Kwaymullina! It’s a brilliant, complex thriller that digs deep to examine the dark secrets of a small town and to celebrate the young women determined that the truth be known, no matter the cost.

So what exactly do you do when there’s a book like this that you need to discuss, but you don’t want to spoil it for your friends or anyone else? Here are a few ideas.

1. Find forums online to discuss big events with other “spoiled” readers.

You’ll feel much less compelled to go tell all your friends what happens in your favorite book or series if you have others to talk to about the big events. Find a forum with a spoilers tag, and go crazy analyzing and discussing those twists you didn’t see coming with fellow fans. You might make some new friends!

With that being said:

2. Avoid any forum or discussion board that doesn’t have a spoilers tag.

While you may feel freer to discuss content online, this is also where you have to be extra cautious! If there are no clear spoilers tags, you might accidentally end up ruining your favorite book for someone who could have become a fellow fan!

3. Keep a rant diary as you read.

Keeping a diary full of your rants, reflections, and reactions will help you process whatever grief, anger, or elation you’re going through as you read the toughest and most shocking parts of your books. If you’re angry at the author for killing off a character or ruining a love story, feel free to really let loose. This way, you’re less likely to vent to those who haven’t yet read!

4. Or keep a video diary and record yourself freaking out about the spoilers!

It might be super cathartic to just let it out completely and record yourself—on video or audio—absolutely losing your mind over the twists, turns, and spoilers of your favorite series. That way, once your friends are all caught up, you can show them the footage and laugh together over your reactions!

5. Only discuss the opening of the book with your unspoiled friends.

Give yourself a strict no-spoiler policy: you will not talk about anything that happens in the book or series beyond the first chapter (or two, if you’re feeling risky). Even if your friend has read further ahead than you, this will ensure that you don’t accidentally let anything slip until they’re done!

But if you ever do accidentally spoil, remember this: spoilers aren’t inherently bad! So do your best to keep your lips sealed, but don’t beat yourself up if you accidentally slip!

6. And the most obvious: get your friends on board as soon as possible!

Lend your copy to your bestie, or go with them to your local bookstore or library. The sooner your friends read your new favorite book, the sooner you can talk about it! Offer to host a book club discussion at your home to sweeten the deal!

Do YOU care if a book gets spoiled for you or not? Tell us below!

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