Twisty Thrillers to Watch with The Truth Beneath the Lies

Amanda Searcy’s debut novel The Truth Beneath the Lies is an unpredictable thriller, perfect for fans of One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus.

Amanda not only loves to write thrillers, but she loves to watch them too. Check out this list of her fave thriller shows you can stream after you read her book!

When I wrote The Truth Beneath the Lies, I included all my favorite thriller elements:  hidden secrets, gritty landscapes, psychological twists, and characters fighting their way through a dangerous world.

I love to write thrillers, but I also love to watch them. Here are my top five streaming now to watch with The Truth Beneath the Lies.


If you like hidden secrets:

The Americans (Amazon Prime) – Talk about the truth beneath the lies! What if the nice family next door had a huge secret? What if they were actually Russian spies? What if they were your friends? What if they were your parents…

If you like trying to guess the "Why":

Hostages (Netflix) – Clear your day to binge on this Israeli show. A doctor and her family are held hostage in their home right before she’s supposed to operate on the Prime Minister. Her family only lives if the Prime Minister dies. The “Why” will keep you glued to the couch. (And keep watching. Season two gets even more intense.)

If you like endings you’ll never see coming:

10 Cloverfield Lane (Amazon Prime) – A young woman is rescued after a car accident by a man who takes her to his underground bunker. He tells her the world has ended. But has it? This movie hits you with twist after twist after twist.

If you like multiple storylines that come together in a shocking conclusion:

The Killing (Netflix) – Three stories intertwine around the murder of a teenage girl. The show’s seedy-side of Seattle setting also provided some of the inspiration for Kayla’s wet, gritty town of Clairmont.

If you like tough girls fighting against seemingly insurmountable odds:

Jessica Jones (Netflix) – You don’t have to be a fan of superheroes (or even know a thing about them) to be riveted by this one. David Tennant plays one of the scariest villains ever written, and Jessica just can’t catch a break.

What will you steam after reading this new thriller? Tag us @GetUnderlined!

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