Trend Alert: What You Need for the Beach This Summer

Beach, PLEASE!

The sun is out, which means it’s time to catch some waves (and some rays!!). But you can’t hang by the ocean or pool without the most up-to-date gear. So here is our list of essentials, from the perfect swimsuit to a must-read book, to help you live your best life this summer.

1. The Perfect Beach Tote

You’re going to need a great tote to lug around all these beach essentials (and that pile of books you finally get to read). It’s not only a summer requirement but a fashion statement, too. And what symbolizes summer better than a sparkly pineapple print?

2. A White Cutout One-Piece Bathing Suit

One pieces are not just cool again, they are officially a must-have—especially a white one! I know, a white bathing suit sounds like possibly the scariest thing ever, but trust us. It will make your tan pop! This one is chic and flattering!

3. Stay hydrated! (water bottle)

Rule number one of summer: don’t forget water. You won’t make it through a day in the blazing heat without a trusty water bottle by your side. And in our opinion, if it looks cool, you’ll be more likely to drink up.

4. Cover-Up

While we wish it were acceptable to live in our bathing suits, apparently it’s not really a thing in public places, like restaurants or malls. Luckily, we’ve got this cute number which is technically a cover-up, but still shows off your suit.

5. Headphones

A beach party is nothing without a top 40 playlist on repeat. But if you’re in a place where you can’t blast your tunes out loud, a pair of headphones will help you get your groove on. Plus, everyone could use more marble in their lives.

6. Sandals

Walking in the sand can be rough on your feet, so make sure to invest in a pair of durable shoes that will also look great for all those beach snaps. Bet you never thought about getting Birkenstocks, but these metallic ones are a game changer, for sure.

7. Floppy Sun Hat

Big-brimmed hats are not just for Kardashians and cool Instagrammers. They work for everyone and protect your head and face from the fiery sun. Plus, they look great in selfies.

8. Misting Fan

Don’t sweat it! Grab yourself a nifty portable fan to spritz yourself with when the temp gets high. You’ll feel just like a supermodel with the wind in your hair. And the mist will feel extra refreshing if you’ve been sweating up a storm.

9. Rose Gold Pool Float

You saw these swans flooding your Instagram feed all last summer thanks to your friends and basically every celebrity. This year, the world is going to freak out yet again because now the beloved swan comes in everyone’s new favorite color: rose gold! Here’s how you’ll rack up those Instagram likes.

10. Must-Read Book: <em>Everything, Everything</em> by Nicola Yoon

10. Must-Read Book: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

And the most essential item? The perfect beach read. We’re still obsessing over the Everything, Everything movie. Pick up the paperback movie tie-in edition to show off that (a) you have really great taste in books, and (b) that you know Amandla and Nick are the perfect on-screen couple.

BRB — daydreaming about a beach vacay! Share your best sun-and-sand snaps with us by tagging us @GetUnderlined on social for a chance to be featured.

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