The 12 Days of Writemas!

Check back here for 12 days of writing prompts to get you in the holiday spirit!

On the first day of Writemas, Underlined gave to me . . . 12 fun writing prompts!

As we prepare to launch our new writing community we are hosting 12 days of new writing prompts to get you in the creative spirit! Check this post for new prompts Monday-Friday starting on December 7th through December 22nd. Happy writing, and happy holidays!

Writemas Day 1

Most of us are familiar with the song, “Frosty the Snowman.” What if the life-sized snowperson you and your friends built came to life? What would happen if you had one day with your snowperson? How does the snowperson feel? How do you feel? What makes the magic happen?

Describe a day of adventure with your snow friend. For an added challenge, write a poem instead. Try to make the second and fourth lines of each stanza to rhyme, just like in the “Frosty” song!

Note: This prompt is best served with a cup of steaming cocoa!

Writemas Day 2

Many of us spent days during childhoods hoping for snow days to give us a break from school! Some people haven’t seen snow, how would you describe it to them?

Writemas Day 3

You wake up to find yourself in the snow next to a frozen lake. You have no idea how you got there, but you need to find your way home. Who or what do you run into? How do you feel? Do you find out how you ended up in the snow?

Write about the events that transpire as you make your way home!

Writemas Day 4

While it’s snowing you come across a cabin in the woods. No one’s home, and since it’s cold you head inside. Who owns this cabin? Do you know them and were you invited? Do they ever come home? How long do you stay? What happens while you’re there?

Writemas Day 5

You’ve just woken up and there’s so much snow that you can’t leave your house! What do you do for the day? Are you home alone? Is school closed? How long is it until you can finally venture outside? And once you do… what’s happening?

Writemas Day 6

Imagine that while ice skating on a pond you suddenly see something or someone below the ice. . .

Who or what is it? What is it doing? Is it asking for help? How do you react? What is your first instinct? Does anyone even believe you? Or do you not tell anyone?

Writemas Day 7

Imagine you are a rookie reporter and have landed an interview Jack Frost himself! What questions would you ask him? How does the interview go? Is he warm and welcoming or cold and aloof? Are you surprised to learn anything new about him?

Write us a story about your experience!

For an added challenge, write a story about Jack Frost himself in the style of a news article.

Writemas Day 8

You’re out in the forest to go ice skating on a frozen pond when you see the abominable snowman! For a few moments you’re unsure if he sees you, but he does!

Write about what happens! Do you lead him on a snow-filled chase? Or do you come to understand the creature? Do you tell people what happened or keep it to yourself, believing it’s all a dream?

Writemas Day 9

While shopping during the holidays you and your friends end up separated. While trying to find them, you discover a portal to a winter wonderland!

What happens on the other side of the portal? Are you alone or do your friends find you? Is it safe or is there danger lurking behind the beauty?

Writemas Day 10

It’s December 31, 2017—New Year’s Eve and when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day, you realize it’s 2017—NOT 2018!  You get to re-live your 2017 all over again!

Are you the only one who notices? How do you react? What happens in the aftermath?

Writemas Day 11

December 21st is the first day of winter! Describe what winter is like where you live to someone who hasn’t experienced it before! What’s your favorite part of winter? Your favorite activities? What’s your least favorite part of winter?

Writemas Day 12

This holiday season you receive a beautiful snow globe as a gift! It doesn’t take long before you realize it’s magical!

What type of magic does this snow globe have? How do you use it, for good or for evil? Do you keep this a secret or do you confront the gift giver?

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