DIY: Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

This DIY Essential Oil Reed (or READ if you like puns) Diffuser is inexpensive and easy to make.

It makes a great gift on its own, or pair it with a book for the reading lover in your life.

Essential oils are a great alternative to candles. The natural scents in the oils are way less harsh than those in a candle, and there’s no risk of setting the house on fire (another big plus). You can also mix and match scents to make your own custom blend.

What you’ll need:

  • A glass container with a narrow opening
  • 4-5 reed diffuser sticks
    • Bamboo skewers work nicely as well.
  • 1/4 cup carrier oil — a lighter oil (like sweet almond or safflower) works best.
  • 20-25 drops of scented essential oils in the scent (or scents) of your choosing.
  • Optional: a few drops of rubbing alcohol can help the scent diffuse, but aren’t necessary!

Here’s what you do:

1. Mix the oils together and carefully pour them into your container.

2. Place the reeds in the container.

3. Enjoy!

Flip the reeds over once a week to keep the scent going strong.

People love to mix essential oil blends, so dome research about combinations you might want to try (or just experiment yourself!). The oils can be mixed purely for scent, or for different effects (some oils are calming, others are energizing, some can even help you focus).

Some combinations we love are:

Lemon + Rosemary + Rose
Lemon + Rosemary + Rose
Ginger + Chamomille + Grapefruit + Lime
Ginger + Chamomille + Grapefruit + Lime
Sage + Eucalyptus + Orange
Sage + Eucalyptus + Orange

Follow your nose and find your signature scent! What combinations do you love? Tell us at @GetUnderlined!

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