Clothing Hacks: Save Your Faves with Household Items!

We all have our favorite books that we want to keep going back to forever, and the same is true for our favorite clothes.

You know that feeling of satisfaction you get when you finally get your hands on that one piece of clothing you’ve been wanting forever? The one that makes getting ready for the day a no-brainer and feels right for you? The one that you eventually wear to death, and oh no . . . how’d that rip get there?

You wouldn’t just throw away your favorite book because of a little tear in a page, would you? Of course not! So here are some quick tips you can try before saying goodbye to that awesome item of clothing:

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1. Stitch Witchery is made up of strips of polymer that will keep pieces of fabric together seamlessly when you apply heat to them.

Simply sandwich a strip between two pieces of fabric you want to keep together, run an iron over it, and voilà! No needle and thread necessary.

2. Grease marks seem impossible to get out of clothing, and sometimes it’s hard to avoid getting an oil mark on your clothes when you’re eating something delicious.

The good news is that a little cornstarch, baking soda, or baby powder left on a grease mark for a few hours will pull the oil out of the fabric. Give the mark a wash right after and you’re good to go! Just like blotting papers for our skin, newspaper can pull oily substances from clothes in a similar way, but be careful not to spread ink on lighter garments.

3. Sometimes you don’t realize that an unwrinkled shirt or dress can make a huge difference in how awesome you look.

One easy way to make your clothes nice and crisp is to hang them in your bathroom while you take a shower—the steam will lift wrinkles right out. And then you don’t have to deal with ironing, which is a serious win.

4. Our final and favorite tip for the most stubborn of issues: use petroleum jelly to fix a stuck zipper.

Just put a little on a cotton swab and use it to grease up the zipper pull and surrounding zipper teeth. Make sure you place a napkin underneath so you don’t need to go grab the baby powder!

Mind = Blown

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