Author Gift Guide: 6 Gifts Inspired by And I Darken by Kiersten White

We know all you really want for the holidays this year is some new books, but in case you’re interested in branching out, we asked some of our favorite authors to create gift guides based on their books and characters!

Kiersten White picked out this list of gifts based on her epic And I Darken series. These books might be dark and epic, but this list will leave you full of holiday cheer.

 I love Christmas. I love spending time finding just the right gift for every person: my kids, my husband, my siblings. Fortunately, I don’t have a sister like Lada. If I did, I’d probably do a lot more shopping for weapons.

However, if you want a very And I Darken holiday season, here are some nifty ideas to keep the spirit of the Dracul siblings in your heart all year long!

Turkish Tile Bracelet

Whether you love the Ottomans (like Radu and me) or hate them (like Lada), you can’t deny they made really beautiful things.

Silver Locket

If you always want to carry a piece of Wallachia close to your heart (or, like, nice photos of people you love or something), you can wear a silver locket like the one Radu gave Lada.

Dracul Family Crest Ring

Team Dracul? You can wear their family crest on your finger. Bonus: the ring is heavy enough to give you an edge in a fight, and you can even press it into wax and pretend you’re Lada, sending defiant letters to everyone.


If you just can’t get enough sweet, sweet siege action, 1453 by Roger Crowley is a phenomenal and incredibly detailed nonfiction account of the siege and fall of Constantinople. Perfect if you’re planning on overthrowing an empire.


If you like your girls murderous, this fantastic historical fantasy series is for you. Two words: assassin nuns. You’re welcome!

Tiny Dagger Earrings

If you can’t wear daggers on your wrists in your day-to-day life, like our girl Lada, how about wearing them on your ears instead? The perfect accessory to let people know that you might be a brutal future tyrant, but at least you’re a stylish one.

What gift will you get the And I Darken lover in your life? Tag us @GetUnderlined!

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