Author Gift Guide: 5 Gifts Inspired by Everything, Everything and The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

We know all you really want for the holidays this year is some new books, but in case you’re interested in branching out, we asked some of our favorite authors to create gift guides based on their books and characters!

Nicola Yoon’s list of gifts, based on her lovable novels Everything, Everything and The Sun Is Also a Star, will warm even the Grinch’s heart this holiday season!


Like Natasha in The Sun Is Also a Star, I am a science geek. I especially love anything that illustrates simple principles. In this case, it’s the transfer of solar to mechanical energy. I have a very similar one in my office that I stare at while I’m procrastinating.

Concrete Edison Bulb Lamp

Another device that Natasha would love. I have this exact one in my office and use it to light my 4 a.m. writing sessions.

Robot Painting

Both Natasha and Daniel from The Sun Is Also a Star would love this one. I tend to cover my walls with art, and this is one of my favorites.

Forever Flowers

These flowers remind me of the cover of Everything, Everything. They’re wonderful because they require no maintenance at all and still look beautiful.


There’s a scene in Everything, Everything when Maddie diagnoses herself with hysterical abdominal Rhopalocera—butterflies in the stomach. I think she would like this monarch butterfly under glass.

Which gift speaks to the inner 90s kids in your heart? Tag us @GetUnderlined!

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