Advice on Life and Politics from the Women of Yes She Can

The instant New York Times bestseller Yes She Can features inspiring accounts written by ten staffers who joined the Obama Administration to try to make a difference in the world. Check out some of their advice, from the profound to the practical, then grab a copy of the book to read more!

“When you’re fighting the status quo, change can be really hard.”

—Molly Dillon, Policy Assistant for Urban Affairs, Justice and Opportunity

Whether crafting legislation, advocating for others or trying for a promotion, the women of Yes She Can faced daunting challenges and obstacles. Their takeaway: don’t underestimate how hard change can be, but don’t let that discourage you.

“Sometimes you need to see yourself in a place to believe you belong there.”

—Andrea R. Flores, Policy Assistant for Immigration and Rural Affairs

When told “women don’t belong here” or “women like you don’t belong here,” these women showed up and got to work, bringing their multifaceted identities along with them.

“There will always be more to learn.”

—Nita Contreras, Assistant Staff Secretary

A lot of young women consider a job in politics and think Who, me? The women of Yes She Can say, “Why not you?” Yes, there’s a lot to figure out and even mistakes to be made, but as these women will tell you, that’s just part of the learning process.

“The story of America is . . . the story of ordinary people coming together to better their county, in whatever ways they can.”

—Jenna Brayton, Associate Director of Content and Operations

How can you translate your ideals into actions? Roll up your sleeves and get started! Take the first step, and before you know it, there will be others standing with you, ready to join you or just cheer you on.

“For every young woman out there, the next greatest adventure is waiting. We just have to go for it.”

—Jaimie Woo, Policy Analyst

It’s easy to think of a million different reasons not to pursue your dreams. Maybe you think you’re too young . . . or not young enough. But for all of us, our next great adventure is waiting.

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