7 Reasons Why You Should Be a Tamora Pierce Fan Now and Forever (If You’re Not Already)

Tamora Pierce is an absolute legend. She basically invented the kickass heroine in YA books and paved the way for Hermione, Katniss, Mare, Celaena, and the rest.

Here’s why you need to get some Tammy in your life:

1. She’s the OG creator of kick-ass heroines in fantasy.

Tamora Pierce’s first book, Alanna: the First Adventure, was published back in 1983. Set in a time and place where girls are forbidden from becoming knights, this quartet details Alanna’s training as she hides her real gender. Alanna has influenced a generation of readers and writers ever since.

2. Who needs Earth when you have Tortall?

Before there were the seven kingdoms of Westeros, there was Tortall, the medieval fantasy universe where most of Tamora Pierce’s books take place. If you like sprawling castles, ancient magic, brave characters, vibrant cultures, and the timeless fight of good vs. evil, Tortall is the place for you!

3. There are endless books for you to Pierce your bookshelf with.

Tamora Pierce has written a lot of books—over eighteen set in Tortall alone! There’s really no true starting point, so pick a book and binge away.

4. She knows how to write an unforgettable love story.

We don’t want to give you any spoilers, but let’s just say that Daine and Numair have been giving readers relationship goals since the ’90s.

5. Animals

Oh, the animals! Tamora Pierce is a proud animal lover, and for that we love her even more. Animals play almost as big a role in her books as the characters do. They have big personalities, often have lots to say, and are adept at stealing the show as they steal your heart.

6. She’s the queen of YA fantasy.

Tamora Pierce has been writing for over thirty-five years. She’s as relevant today as she was in the ’80s, which is just pretty epic, if you ask us.

7. She’s the OTL of readers and authors alike.

SO many bestselling and beloved authors have cited Tamora Pierce as an inspiration. Here are just a few. . .



Tamora Pierce’s books shaped me not only as a young writer, but also as a young woman.

Sarah J. Maas, author of the Throne of Glass series

All these years later, I still draw strength from her words.

Marie Lu, author of The Young Elites series

Tamora Pierce didn’t just blaze a trail. Her heroines cut a swathe through the fantasy world with wit, strength, and savvy and her stories still lead the vanguard today.

Leigh Bardugo, author of Crooked Kingdom

Tamora Pierce is the queen of YA fantasy, and we are all happy subjects in her court.

Jessica Cluess, author of A Shadow Bright and Burning

Her work inspired a generation of writers and continues to inspire us.

Holly Black, author of The Spiderwick Chronicles

I return to her books time and time again.

Garth Nix, author of the Old Kingdom series

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