7 Instagram Trends You Need to Try ASAP

Let’s face it, we basically wouldn’t have anything cool without Instagram.

Where would we get all of our memes without it? We’re sharing some of our favorite Insta trends that we think you won’t be able to live without once you see them.

And yes, there ARE unicorns.

1. Unicorn Baths

We bet you’re probably tired of seeing your friend post pics of their rainbow-swirled baths all over social media, but it’s actually sort of addicting to look at. So mesmerizing that there’s an account called @unicornbathclub, which features people’s bath-bomb tub pics. And it’s just as magical as it sounds.

2. Super “Extra” Milkshakes

If you’ve spent just five minutes searching through the Discover feed, you’ve probably encountered an unreal milk shake drenched with every type of candy and cookie you can buy at the store. The burger joint called Black Tap in NYC is known for making ridiculous milk shakes a thing, and others have followed in their footsteps. Hello, real-life Candy Land. Are those Fruity Pebbles? Gimme.

3. Matcha Madness

Would you imagine that a blush-pink storefront would have a full-on matcha menu? Well, it exists. It’s called Cha Cha Matcha, and it’s located in NYC. If you’ve never tried matcha, it’s a green powder that has some serious caffeine levels. While it started off as just a tasty drink, Cha Cha decided to do some experimenting and has everything from flavored matcha drinks to matcha croissants and pastries. And during the summer, there’s even fro yo. The problems are solving themselves!

4. Adidas Superstars

Dubbed the “blogger shoe,” these classic sneakers are flooding your feed for more than one reason. Not only do they make you look like you know what you’re doing when it comes to fashion, they’re also super comfy because they’re wider than a lot of other shoes on the market. Plus, they’re gender neutral and come in cool colors including the color of the moment: rose gold. Pro tip: we love pairing them with dresses when you’re trying to not look like you’re trying *too hard*. @tamararkraus

5. Slime Videos

This is definitely the most pointless of the bunch, but for some reason we can’t. stop. watching. Basically, @slimequeeens posts videos of someone playing with colorful slime. Maybe it’s therapeutic? Maybe it’s just pretty? The world will never know, but what we do know is that you need to check out these slime videos. #NoRegrets

6. The Fidget Spinner

If you don’t already have one of these amazing fidget toys, stop reading this blog post and get one. Even watching them on Instagram is stress-relieving and weirdly satisfying. @tomalock

7. And, of course, the #bookstagram

Now, we couldn’t complete a list without some #bookstagrams, could we? Thanks to all the book junkies out there, this trend has been around for a while. But not all can nail the serene book pic like Instagrammer @blueeyedbiblio does on the reg. From cozy shots of her book nestled on her bed to her reading nook, she’s serving up serious book-picture envy.

What Instagram trend are you going to try? Tag us @GetUnderlined for a chance to be featured.

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    Love to fidget!

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