10 Times Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson's On-Screen Chemistry in Everything Everything Made Us Melt

Ok, we need to TALK about the perfection that is Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson in the movie adaption of Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon, which is now out in theaters.

Their on-screen chemistry almost beats reading the book for the first time. (Almost.)

ICYMI: Everything, Everything is about Maddy, a girl who is literally allergic to the outside world, and Olly, the boy who moves in next door and changes Maddy’s life forever. This story has so many ultimate #couplegoal moments, but somehow we were able to pick 10 favorites from the movie. Get your heart-eye emojis ready.

1. When Maddy and Olly lock eyes for the first time

She’s in her house looking low-key gorgeous, staring out the window, and he’s the mysterious new guy casually hanging on the back of a moving truck. Then their eyes lock. And we mean LOCK. And then we melt.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

2. When Olly hand-delivers a Bundt cake to Maddy’s house

Okay, what kind of guy shows up with a Bundt cake for his crush’s mom?! Olly is clearly a stand-up guy. Sure, we see right through his ploy to use the cake to meet Maddy (as does Maddy’s mom), but we don’t even care. Olly is proving that chivalry isn’t dead, so we’ll take it.

via Media Tenor
via Media Tenor

3. When Olly gives Maddy his number by writing it on his window

Can we make this the default way for everyone to give out their number? Once Olly gives Maddy his number, it changes everything, everything (couldn’t resist) and opens a whole new avenue for communication via texts and calls that will cue heart melting round two, and it’s only been about 20 minutes.

4. When Olly tells Maddy that she’s beautiful

Let me just break down the text convo for you:

Olly: Hey Maddy?

Maddy: Yes, Olly?

Olly: You’re beautiful.


5. When Maddy and Olly kiss

Finally! We waited like 45 whole minutes for this magical moment. After the epic kiss, Maddyasks Olly, “Is it always like that?” to which he replies, “It’s never like that.” Not sure aboutyou, but we just about died. DIED.

via Weheartit
via Weheartit

6. When Olly makes Maddy the ocean collage

Not only is Olly the perfect gentleman, but he’s good at arts and crafts too?! It’s not even fair. Olly’s note was perhaps the best part of this epic couple moment. Knowing Maddy’s dream to see the ocean, he writes, “Maddy . . . every ocean deserves to be seen by you.” COME ON! If you don’t love that, you probably don’t have a soul.


7. When Maddy leaves her house the first time to make sure Olly’s OK

She doesn’t even think twice, even though she’s risking her life to help him. This is real romance, people!

via supagirl Tumblr
via supagirl Tumblr

8. When Olly helps Maddy pick out a bathing suit

I don’t know anyone who likes bathing suit shopping, but if trying on skin-bearing swimsuits could always be this fun, where do we sign up?

via Royally Bookish Tumblr
via Royally Bookish Tumblr

9. When Olly looks at Maddy looking at the ocean for the first time

Can. Not. Even. Deal.

10. When Olly tells Maddy he loves her on the beach

Hearts exploding.

While we mop up the puddle that was once our hearts and souls, tell us about your favorite moment from the movie! Tag us on social @GetUnderlined to join the love fest.

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