10 Music Festival Survival Essentials

Summer means three things: spending days on end with your #squad, finally getting to read the books you want to read, and, of course, music festivals ON music festivals.

While you’re getting ready for Bonnaroo, Firefly, and Governors Ball (just to name a few), we put together this musical festival survival list so you can be carefree all festival long.

1. First-Aid Kit

Some of us have learned this the hard way: you should ALWAYS carry Band-Aids with you, but for festivals you need to go a step further and invest in a full-on kit. When you’re outside in the heat all day with thousands of people, all kinds of accidents are waiting to happen. #bettersafethansorry

2. Sunscreen

We know, we know. You hear it from your mom and your doctor: don’t skimp on the sunscreen. We all look awesome with a tan, but we can’t buy new skin. So let’s just hold hands and commit to this one. Plus this mini bottle is cute.

3. Face Wipes: Simple Skin Care

When it’s 2 a.m. and you’ve been up all day singing and dancing, the last thing you want to do is wash your face or even shower TBH. Simple Skin Care wipes are a gift from heaven. With just one wipe, all the oil and grime is gone in a snap. They’re also great to have on hand during the day when you get sweaty

4. Lip balm with SPF

While easily forgotten and often lost in the washer, lip balm is a major part of our daily lives. We suggest picking up a pack of two or three in case something happens to the first. There’s nothing more annoying than chapped lips when you’re trying to live your best life at a festival (and look picture ready at any moment). This kit by COOLAfornia not only includes SPF lip balm but also other SPF products so you’re protected head to toe.

5. Camelbak/Fanny Pack

These items might not be on your list, but they’re truly lifesavers. First, a Camelbak backpack is basically your new best friend (after your phone). It’ll store all your goods for the day hands-free, PLUS it’s a water bottle. If you’re trying to look a little more fashion-forward, we suggest sporting a fanny pack—yes, they’re back and better than ever. Just think about how happy and carefree you can be sans purse

6. Umbrella

All your friends will want to stay under your umbrella, just like our girl Rihanna sings, because you actually planned in advance. Tell the crew to head to the store and pick one up so it doesn’t rain on your parade—literally.

7. Denim jacket

It’s a wardrobe staple that will never go out of fashion and comes in a ton of styles (distressed, light wash, dark, etc.). The best part is that you can add cool patches to your jacket to show some love for your fave bands or other things you’re into. Plus, you can rock it with whatever you’re wearing for the concert.

8. Travel pack of tissues

These are CRUCIAL—especially if you’re pitching a tent for a few days. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Feel me?

9. Vitamin C

Lack of sleep is inevitable, so keep yourself from getting run down with these lifesavers. Really, you should just take these wherever you go.

10. Sunglasses

We’re pretty sure sunnies will be the first thing on your list, but what you might not have considered are ones that give back. Diff Eyewear donates a pair of reading glasses to an organization called Eyes on Africa with every pair of sunglasses purchased.

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