Your Guardian Angel

By @bluepixiedust
Your Guardian Angel

What if you already found your soul mate? But then things happened and everything is now a mess? 20 year old Madeline Monte de Ramos goes on the roller coaster of her life as she goes on a quest to find out about her online acquaintance named "abysswalker" and finding herself in a situation filled with mystery and questions.Maybe she didn't only found her soulmate but maybe she already met her guardian angel.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Abysswalker: Matt Healy’s 102 has been driving me insane lately, like I’ve been loving someone for a very long time. News flash, I am single, for the record.

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Madinconsistentrose: may b ur dream girl?


Update, the roses are now a shade of dark blue. Days passed and the roses are still in full bloom, my curtains are still drawn and the room is still freaking cold (I like it that way though).I checked my planner and I still have a long way to go, to be back and be one with humanity again but for now I need the ocean. I need the salt smelling air and warm breeze. Just thinking about it makes me giddy.

My impulsiveness is kicking in and here I am packing my string bag with a shirt, towel and some other necessities needed for a day at the beach. It’s already past 8 am and my parents are off to work leaving me and of course, Sarah to do whatever we want. Everything is set but as I was about to turn off my computer screen a notification popped up.

Abysswalker: huh, nice to meet yah stranger. Would that be you?

Unintentionally, my lips curved into a smirk. Maybe this abysswalker is a man or boy after all. Without hesitation, I typed a reply.

Madinconsistentrose: hello, stranger. I don’t think that would be me, I don’t have bloody nails. Ciao!

With that I stood up and turned off my monitor and grabbed the novel I was reading. Books are necessities, by the way. As I head out I went to check on my sister in her room. Guess what, she’s way too early, meaning I have no idea where she went. So I left her a message and reminded her of our sister’s code.

To: Sarah Banana

Off to the beach. Be home around 4pm. don’t do anything I wouldn’t do and PLEASE TAKE CARE OF MY PINK CONVERSE SHOES!

Perks of being an adult (yeah cause sadly I am 18 yet I still live with my parents) who are constantly out of town? I get to have my own car and freedom. I jumped in my pick-up chevy (given by my loving parents on my high school graduation) and I am off to the beach. My Spotify playlist is on shuffle (Chelsea Cutler and Quinn XCII is my jam btw) and my windows are all down. The sun feels warm on my skin, as I head south it started to get cloudy and I am not going to deny, this is one of the best weather!

Another hour drive and I’ll reach my safe haven but before that I passed by a convenience store to buy some snacks. As I entered, the cashier wearing a hoodie (is this really the cashier?) looked up at me, not even acknowledging my presence he just sat back down and continued scribbling on his sketchbook (at least that’s what I think).

I made my way through the aisles and started grabbing snacks off the shelves, I do hoard on food because I am a glutton. Anyway, there’s no other customers around, it’s like the scene from one of those zombie apocalypse movies where any minute there would be an announced outbreak of some weird virus. Then I and this cashier guy would be taking all the food from this store or close down the whole store and live out our days until the food supply is gone then flee town.

I do admit I have watched too many zombie movies. I snapped out of it, crazy me. I approached the cashier and took out my wallet to pay for the snacks but it seems like he forgot that he has one, ONE customer that he has to serve. His head is bent low and he’s still busy drawing on his sketchbook, out of curiosity I took a peek.

“hmm…the Eiffel tower huh?” I was mumbling to myself but it seemed like he heard me. Immediately he slammed his sketchbook and sneered at me. Woah, so much for an attitude. Yeah dude, I get it boring day no need to take it out on me.

He started scanning the things I bought, he doesn’t say much either, he just stared at the screen then back at me, so I stared back at him too, he sighed and pointed at the screen again. Right, I have to pay. Couldn’t he just talk like a normal person? He doesn’t even look like he’s had a disability or something.

“you know talking could really help in your work. Here. Keep the change.” I got ******. Right after he packed my stuff I grabbed them and walked right out of the store into my car. I was shuffling for my keys when I heard footsteps behind me. It’s the I-don’t-want-to-talk-guy. Now that I think of it he’s actually pretty decent looking. Not the kind of drool-over-my-sexy-eight-pack-abs guys I see on the internet. He has a striking nose, his skin is white but it kind of has a rosy glow (that is just so unforgivable), thick eyebrows, thin lips and curly black hair (everything about him is unfair for me, being a girl). Now that he’s standing in front of me and we are face to face I could see the color of his eyes. Brown, like those chocolate milk bars you dissolve in hot water, like melted freaking chocolates that are glistening under the sun. ****, he looks like art! 

“ you forgot your wallet. And yeah, I could talk I’m just not in to it. Thanks anyway.” I didn’t know what to say or how to react. I just talked to someone who has chocolate melted colored eyes! As he walked away, I got into my car and the first thing I see is my cheeks flushing pink in the back mirror. I’m ******, I started the engine and sped off towards the beach, with the chocolate melted eyes haunting me.

The moment my feet met the sand, I felt my heart flutter and my soul sang. Immediately I ran towards the ocean and I have never felt so free. There are a lot of things in my head lately, what would I do after slaving for years in school? I want to be an artist, or maybe a painter but sadly all I can draw and paint are abstracts that doesn’t make sense.

Or maybe I could just spend all my college savings for travel? Uh, my parents would kill me or worse discard me as their child. Plan B, I think being an assistant in some publishing company would be okay, or plan c, I could learn and run our family business. Imagine seeing my name on newspapers, Madeline Rossi youngest CEO of Monte de Ramos Estates that would be a dream! Or plan D, maybe I’d manage our flower farms in Tuscany and Marrakesh (where I grew up in with miles and miles of roses just outside my window) But anyway, I deserve a break after all those years of slavery under the sadistic education system since I turned 5.

I fell asleep on the back of my pick-up and realized that the sun is already setting. I would really love to admire and take a picture of the blazing orange sky but ****! I really need to go before my parents return home and realize neither Sarah nor I are at home, or we’ll be sleeping in the freaking garage again! I quickly grabbed my things and threw them in the back seat. I took one last peek at the ocean and there’s someone surfing in the waves. Wish I could surf like that but sadly my sense of balance sucks. The guy must’ve noticed I was staring (wow his vision must be sharp) and waved his hand, I looked around and saw no one is out here aside from me, I saw a jeep nearby, assuming, I waved back, there’s no harm anyway, I got inside my car and started the engine.

“what?!” sadly my car won’t start! Great! Is it Friday the 13th today? I flicked my hair and tried again, but to no luck, the. Freaking. Car. Wont. Start. I. am. Doomed. I immediately called Sarah to ask her to go home and call our car mechanic to fix my car and pick me up, but sadly, my sister’s phone is turned off. Wow, great.

I am about two hour drive away from home with a broken car, an almost empty battery phone and I am grumpy! Maybe, it wasn’t good to be so impulsive (which I never learned to control anyway). How am I going home now? The sun is on the horizon about to sink and I am here stuck. I sent an SOS message to Sarah and all I can do is pray that no psycho would come attack me or I swear I’m going to bash his head with a hammer ( which I am holding now because I’ve watched how to use it in times of danger, perks of watching survival shows on tv). The sun is gone. I repeat. The. Sun. Is. Gone. And I am sweating beads because I am all alone.


“holyflyingcows!” I swung my hammer and “oh my….why…what…shoot!” instead of hitting the person, I left a dent on my car door. I dropped the hammer and banged my head on the car door. Not my baby!

“uhm, I thought you needed some help.” I completely forgot the person standing next to me. It’s the surfer guy, I remembered the documentary I watched about a girl being stuck out of nowhere and was butchered to death, I got up on my feet and took a step back away from him. He just laughed at my reaction, I took out my phone and shone a light at him.

“ I’m here to help you, I noticed your baby won’t start? It’s okay I’m harmless.” Looking at him he looks okay, yeah typical guy with the board shorts, slippers, and loose shirt, he looks decent and yeah handsome, he flashed a smile.

“ uhm, ugh yeah you know you don’t have to just appear beside people like that. I…uh I’m sorry for earlier, you know.”

“it’s alright. Now, would you let me check your baby? If it’s okay, it’s getting dark and this is no place for a beautiful girl like you.” For the record, I am not blushing. It’s rather uncomfortable for me to be complimented and it feels weird. 

I went home that night riding my car which miraculously started when surfer guy fixed something. I didn’t get his name though but that’s okay we won’t even meet again anyway. That night I can’t sleep so I spent most of my time scrolling up and down my tumblr.

Madinconsistentrose: today, I saw a guy with chocolate melted eyes and another who commanded the waves. And I wonder how it’s so unfair for guys to have longer lashes and thick eyebrows they don’t put to use and they don’t really need to impress girls.

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Crazysassygurl: totally agree with yah! And how do they manage to have those without spending too much on almost every beauty products with false promises?

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I was giggling with all the comments. It’s already past 2 am and yet im still up, so I’ve decided to plan out the things I have to do before I graduate, which is barely three months from now.

Abysswalker: jealous much? Haha you should stop believing in false promises anyway.

My eyebrow shot up. This who-ever-this-abysswalker is very challenging. I went through his dashboard again but there were no new posts just tons of re-blog and painting that aren’t his. I’ve got to admit, he/she is some awesome painter. Although I think I may have seen his paintings somewhere I just cant remember where or if I really did see it.

To abysswalker: so am I going to believe in my instincts that you are in fact a guy?

I waited for a response but there was nothing, my eyelids felt heavy and burning so I dragged my self to my bed. I felt drowsy and my head was pounding, finally, a deep dreamless sleep.

“Hi. So, madinconsistentrose huh?” a hand shook mine and I blushed.

“ yeah, because I am mad. Actually Im Madeline hence the name mad. You?”

Before he could say anything or even I could see his face the scene changed and Im in a ballroom with people in masquerade gowns and masks. A man approaches me and asked me to dance.

“ Mi amore, I’d recognize you anywhere you are, no matter what happens, I will always find you.” He kissed my hand and spun me around.

“ promise me you will find me.” Was all I could say before the scene changes again and I am standing in front of the altar wearing a black dress and weeping. I cant breathe, I don’t know why but I am crying, I know I need to wake up because I am just dreaming.

I jostled awake, the first thing I felt was tears flowing down my cheeks. My pillow was also wet and I can feel my heart pounding as if it was slowly dying. 

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