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You only appreciate what you have when it’s gone.

By @bellajadetigerss

Life turned upside down

Life is really surprising and always unpredictable. In an instant what you thought would be your life is just left as an amazing delusion. A vague memory that fades away. My name is Samantha Ryder and this is the story of my life. My best friend Jessica and I were walking to school early monday morning to get there for cross country practice. The sun was just peeking its head out of the clouds and streaks of sunlight were bathing in the grass encircling my school.

We ran for three miles across the trail beside our school. My legs pounding against the forest floor, as swaying oak trees melted into our surroundings. Jessica and I raced to the end of the trail.

My day went on and I went to my classes ninth grade can be so boring sometimes. I survived through the day, somehow. Then went to meet Jessica at our local beach, one of the perks of living in Miami Florida. Jessica and I held hands and let our feet get covered in the golden sand. We gazed up at the smoky sun that bathed in the crystalline water. Our hair danced in the howling wind as we sat at peace. That was the last time I’d ever feel peace for… a very long time. I didn’t savour the moment like I should have. I devoured it, then let it slowly fly away like dandelion seeds dancing in the wind. My mind wandered elsewhere, thinking about cross country finals coming up, and my mom and dad constantly arguing. A tear dashed down my face and I tasted the wet salty taste. Jessica faced me. She realized I was crying and hugged me.I soaked in her wrathm as she embraced me for what felt like forever as I clutched onto her and we both cried in serene silence.

That’s the amazing thing about Jessica when she knows your hurting she cries also but her empathy is a burneden as well because as others constantly feel pain she will also.

I didn’t want my parents to get divorced after crying, the thought kept bringing back that lump in my throat. Jessica and I went home it was convenient since her house was right beside mine. Well my house was 30 Golfdale road and hers was 39 Golfdale road, so pretty close. We waved goodbye then, I went upstairs to do some more homework. I could hear my mom and dad yelling downstairs but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. The lump in my throat formed again. I tried to take my mind off it, by looking out my window at the mesmerizing Florida sunset. The vibrant colors blended together like an artist mixing their palate.

I cried myself to sleep hearing the rumbling voices of my parents downstairs. The next day my eyes were stained scarlet red. My hair was cascading behind me, flowing in the wind like the main of a wild horse. I was tired but I kept my feet pounding against the forest floor as I ran…faster….harder.

I took a shower. Riverdale Highs showers are pretty gross but I didn’t wanna smell of BO for the rest of the day so I really had no choice. The day went on in a strange confusing blur. I finally made it home and did my homework for a few hours. Later that evening I was texting Jessica and I heard my parents yelling at each other downstairs again. In a second the telling changed like a lion had been by accidently let out of his cage at the zoo. The yelling grew fericer… louder.. Almost malicious. My heart sank to the bottom of my chest. I slinked down the stairs like a cat and watched my parents in the midst of their argument. My dad looked very intoxicated while clutching a beer bottle in his hand. His eyes luminous in the lamp light as shadows danced across the walls.

I had to do something “ NO! Stop both of you.” I cried tears welling up in my eyes. My dad looked over at me then back at my mom and “slap” my dad slashed my mom across the cheek. Tears came harder. My heart sank. My stomach was in knots. Then I cried “ GET OUT DAD….NOW!” he slunk out of the house like a panther melting away in the jungle. My eyes hurt but I couldn’t stop the tears from falling down.

Days passed and my dad never came back, I guess he did not have the nerve to come crawling back to my mom. I had to forget about my dad but I just couldn’t anytime someone mentioned his name I felt like crying. I felt like I hadn’t seen my best friend Jessica in forever.

When things weren’t begging to be okay my life was turned upside down even more then it already was.

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