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You. Are. Beautiful

By @NyratOcnarFiD310748

You. Are. Beautiful

You. Are. Beautiful

I know you don’t believe it

Because how could you?

You look at yourself in the mirror

And you see ugly

You can’t see your beauty

I know it feels like no one cares

No one tells you they love you

No one says they care for you

I know, believe me

But, you are

You. Are. So. Beautiful

You don’t have to see it,

Not just yet

But you have to believe me

Seeing isn’t always believing, after all

People tell you to just love yourself

But I know it’s not that easy

You can’t just love a random stranger,

Why do they think you can love yourself?

I understand

But please listen

You are so loved

You are so special

And you matter

I know how your mind is

It is filled with all these thoughts

Thoughts of the things you need to do

Thoughts of things that already happened

Things you couldn’t fix

Things you can’t do right

Things you think you will never be

But take a second

Close your eyes and just breathe

Take a second and breathe

Step away from this craziness

Step away from this world

That people tell you is great

That people tell you to just be happy

People tell you all these things

That you never believe

You feel misunderstood

You feel you don’t matter


You. Are. Beautiful

You try your best

I know how hard you work

To be perfect everyday


I love you for it

I think you are the strongest person

You are an amazing, beautiful person

I know you don’t see it yet

That’s okay

You’ll see it eventually

You might not believe me

But you’ll just have to wait

You might never see the light

You might never see what I’m talking about

If you don’t stick around for a little while longer

Please, stay with us

We need you

In this world


You. Are. Beautiful

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