By @alwayshappy893

This is a poem i wrote because my heart was broken. To anyone who relates please give this some attention

Chapter 1

its just a short poem


By: Elizabeth Liones

Roses are red and other colors too

Violets are an odd shade of purple but definitely not blue

In this world there are a million things I hate

And then there is you who I have to debate 

You make me question the girls in love with heart-shaped eyes 

The stupid guys pumped and unready for a fight

You ruined my life with a lucky glance

An you made it hard for me to breath when you told me the absolute truth 

That everything was not okay and that it didn’t matter if skies were grey

You are a flower

Beautiful and delicate 

Covered in thorns you wished to never be touched 

You make the sun angry with the way you dance around her fiery exterior 

For you do not mistake power for beauty

You, yourself, and the demon that haunts your every thought go silent when you cease thinking 

Thinking of what is wrong, right, and everything in between

And start thinking of what it is you desire

I’ve seen your heart open like a daisy bathing in the morning sun

Readying yourself for what is ahead of you 

You conquered my heart and leave me speechless for everything you do seems so impossibly perfect 

You, the heartbreaker, have decided to rip out my heart and murder it 

Yet, every second I spend with you I am grateful 

Your lies are like music to my ears 

I’ve become addicted to the feeling of my heart being crushed and then pressed back together

I grovel on my knees for the smallest fix

Me, in my heart, where it is black now that so many pieces are missing to the point where my blood runs cold begs merely for your presence 

Its a sad thing really how little all that means to me 

For that first high was the greatest and I know that I will spend the rest of my existence chasing after it

After you 

 I wonder now that you’ve taken everything I had to give in, will you be satisfied? 

Will you seek the hearts of others who know not of the blood on your hands?

Or will you have grown? Taking in the world around you and bringing peace to those you have broken? 

I hold you as my most treasured possession in my memories

I will never forget you or the mystery that you still are 

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  1. Nibby21

    Woah i got chills reading this. This is really great and good job, I love this poem. I suck at poems at times but your really great, keep going on with poems!

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    Reply 0 Replies Feb 2, 2021
  2. jazz-lover-4ever

    This is amazing! I sort of relate to this because I am in love with someone who does not love me back. I have never dated anyone so, I can only image the pain. I really like your poem.

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    Reply 0 Replies Feb 2, 2021

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