Wren Aubree

By @avemarshars

Wren Aubree

By @avemarshars

This is the beginning of my story and the first time I have ever used underlined so this is a new experience so this might not be the real book.

Chapter 1


It started when I was 15 but let me take you back to when I was born so you know a little bit about me before we begin.

I was born on November 22nd, 2001 to Braylen Jones in Henderson, Nevada. She never gave me a name. She gave me up a week after I was born. I don’t remember much of my early life, I just know I was abused in many foster homes until the Gray family started fostering me when I was 7. I still didn’t have a name when I was 7. People just called me Orpha because I was an orphan. 

On November 24th, 2010 the Gray’s adopted me after fostering me for a year. They gave me a name to call my own. I finally had a family and a name. My adoptive parents Ensley and Judah named me Wren Aubree and gave me their last name. I became Wren Aubree Gray. I started school that year with a name and wasn’t the blank name tag or cubby. 

When I turned 10 I started asking questions. I wanted to meet my birth mother. I wanted to know why she gave me up. Ensley and Judah thought that I should meet Braelyn but when I was older and once they could track her down. When I was 11, I started calling Ensley, mom and Judah, dad. When I turned 12 I switched to a private charter school with the rest of my adoptive siblings. 

Before Ensley and Judah adopted me they had a total of 12 kids, when they added me they then had 13 kids. Ensley was pregnant when they adopted me but he was the last addition to the family, making a total of 14 kids. So I have 13 siblings. In age order it goes; Zayne (Zandar), his twin Hudson, Taylen, Zaylee, Maisie, Nathan, Lottie (Charlotte), Jett, Knox, Brynn, Karsyn, me, Ky (Kysen), and Miles. 

When I was 13 we moved from Carson City, Nevada to West Monroe, Louisiana. We moved into a giant house that used to be the main house on a slave plantation. I got to get the first pick of the bedroom because until now I had to share a room with Ky and Miles. I picked the bedroom that was in the attic. When I turned 14 Zayne and Hudson both became engaged and Zaylee was married and expecting. 

Now we shall begin the story of what happened when I was 15 so let’s begin. 

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