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Wings Of Fire – The Glowing Kingdom

By @TufferCaw


A dragon was running through a dark tunnel. He’d been running for hours, far from the guards. Queen Shine had caught him and her daughter, Blink, in the glowing dunes. She was furious and had ordered her guards to lock him up forever. Luckily, he’d escaped and had ended up where he is now.

I will not die, not today, not ever.

The dragon looked down to what was clutched tightly in his talons. Their beautiful egg shimmered as he ran with determination on three legs, the egg in his fourth. A loud roar echoed from behind him, shaking the tunnel. Dirt and rocks fell on his neck and wings, but he kept going.

As he ran faster with all his energy, the tunnel started to grow brighter as he got closer to the exit. His talons clutched the egg tighter and he pushed himself harder.

He burst through the opening with wings wide, and flapped into the dusk sky. He flew west of his kingdom, into the foggy horizon. The dragon breathed heavily, clutching the egg to his chest.

The ruffles around his head and neck started to glow as night fell over the day. His egg glowed in response, colors dancing off his chest. He smiled and sighed. The rainforest grew into view and he slowed.

Blink, I will care for her. She- she feels like a girl. She will grow up to be a great dragon. She will be loved by all. And her name will be Anaconda.

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