Will and Willie's Story

By @WordsOfWill
Will and Willie's Story

This is a personal chapter that has happened through my life and Needed to share/Vent this

Chapter 1

The Truth At 11yrs Old

Have you ever been in the city of New York and you realized how lucky you are to be born and raised in such a live city? Everything actually is always happening and it is true that the big apple never sleeps. Unfortunately I was the kind of person that didnt like bright lights, crowds of people and constant smell of metal in the air from the subways. I can say though, the food is the biggest plus about NYC. It was a beautiful Summer day in the city actually, the slight breeze in the air and the sun hitting the skin on my arm as it sat on the window ledge of my uncles car. I enjoyed taking rides in his car, it got me away from everything and everyone. I let my arm hang out the window as we made our way to a gas station. You ever hang your hand out the window only to feel the wind caress around your fingers? I always loved that feeling, even if the AC in the car was on. At the time I was always deep in thoughts, constantly asking myself questions I wanted answers to but knowing I would not like the answers. “Why do I constantly call my uncle dad? Where Is my mom? Is she taking care of my other siblings? Do I have a dad?” These Questions always filled my head but was terrified to ask my uncle because it could possibly sound offending to him. We arrive at the gas station and he gets out to fill the car and I sit there in the car, trying to muster up the strength to ask these difficult questions. I sat there, staring at the radio and the questions played rock, paper, scissors in my head to see which one went first. These questions battled at least 3 times until there was a winner. I have made up my mind and it was time to ask. The sound of the car door slamming shut jolted me out of my thoughts and my heart started racing immediately. I had found the strength to open my mouth and form words. “Dad? Where is mom at?” I never saw my uncle look so sad before, he then said “I think you are old enough to know the truth” he says.

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