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Why you should drink chocolate milk!

By @12lun

Persuasive essay on why you should drink chocolate milk

When I was a small child, my mom used to give my brother and me plain milk to drink. I’ve always thought plain milk was disgusting, but now I think that if chocolate milk was given instead, I would take it happily. Just like me, most children would choose chocolate milk over plain milk. 

 That’s right- chocolate milk is a popular beverage among children in schools. In fact, milk consumption went up by 12.5 million cartons a year when the LA unified school district reintroduced low- fat chocolate milk to their community. Also, according to a study that looked at 58 different elementary and secondary schools, on days that only plain milk was served, the milk consumption went down by 35%. In addition, the results from the American Society for nutrition’s 80th annual Experimental Biology conference shows that regardless age, gender, and country, children who drank chocolate milk consumed more dairy. When chocolate milk was banned in Bronx, New York, according to Dr. Ayoob, a pediatric nutritionist from Albert Einstein medical center, milk consumption went down by ten percent, which means that about 110000 kids didn’t drink enough milk. That means that a lot of children are not getting the 9 essential nutrients that come with milk, both plain or flavored.


  In addition to being popular, chocolate milk can help athletes. Chocolate milk and plain milk all contain carbohydrates, electrolytes, and protein. These things can help athletes’ bodies recover quickly. In fact, chocolate milk can help athletes more than some sports drinks that only contain one of the things chocolate milk provides! In a study, it was proven that an athlete that drank chocolate milk improved more in 3-week cycling training than one that drank a sports drink only containing electrolytes. Therefore, chocolate milk can help athletes’ recover after workouts.

 Though chocolate milk can help athletes and is popular, some say that chocolate milk contains more sugar, and makes children obese. I agree that chocolate milk contains more sugar, but I would disagree that chocolate milk makes children obese, because the sugar in chocolate milk is only about 3-4% of all the sugar a child’s diet. Yes, chocolate milk contains more sugar than plain milk, but it also contains things such as protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, calcium, etc. Since most children drink more milk which contains the 9 essential nutrients when chocolate milk is offered, I think that a little sugar would not do a lot of harm. Furthermore, some say that if children are only offered plain milk, they will start drinking plain milk, which has less sugar. However, a study from HISD shows that milk consumption continues to decrease one year after the ban on chocolate milk. That means that children who drink chocolate milk will not drink plain milk when chocolate milk is banned. In addition, some experts such as Dr. Schwartz, Deputy Director of the Rudd Center for food policy and obesity, Yale University, say that there is too much extra sugar in chocolate milk for children to stay healthy. But, I would say that chocolate milk is changing as well. Traditional chocolate milk such as Horizon contains about 6 teaspoons of extra sugar. Now, most cafeterias offer brands such as Trumoo, which contains about 18 grams of sugar. That may sound like a lot, but plain milk contains about 12 grams of sugar(lactose). That means that children drinking Trumoo would only get about 1.5 teaspoons of sugar in each serving with the nine essential nutrients. That shows that a lot of chocolate milk companies are realizing that sugar can do harm, and is trying their best to decrease sugar amounts.

 Just like Rebecca Romjin, actress and model, I think that chocolate milk should be allowed because it’s a great way to get nutrients and it’s delicious. So, parents, I think that chocolate milk has the right to stay on lunch menus, since it gives your kids nutrients, and it’s delicious. 

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