Who am I?

By @AKexin

Who am I?

By @AKexin

Becca felt like she was going insane after surviving a time she thought she would die. now all she can think about is how she wish she didn't. The nightmares repeat in her head and all she does is sit in an empty dark room that she called her own.

Chapter 1

Chapter one

I’m not insane. I repeated in my head over and over. I just had anxiety and went through whatever you want to call almost getting killed. Okay… scratch that. I’m definitly going crazy. I want to sleep so much but i know it will only lead me into the same nightmares that kept me up at night. if anything they’re not nightmares, there memories.

I lay on my bed looking at the same white wall. The dark spots I usually saw when I was silent, like this. tears fall down my face. I can’t help it. The dark makes me want to scream.

I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy. I’m normal. Becca, Your not crazy. I flip myself over looking at the darkness of my room. I heard the ticks of the clock. She felt like she was going crazy. Her brain kept reminding her over and over, what had caused her to be this way before.

“dont please dont” The words echo in her brain. word after word. Her voice, that they didn’t listen to.now she was going insane, and felt it was useless to speak using her voice. She felt she was useless. Every waking moment. She felt like she should have died in the moment, but she knowns she was lucky so she shouldn’t be thinking about it.

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