White Lily in Thorns

By @Angel_lia
White Lily in Thorns

Eira Dante a young girl who is married to a famous count in the town. "She is so lucky to marry such a handsome, kind and rich man". "They are such a perfect fit for each other". This, is what it looks like from the outside.

Inspired by: My Cousin and My Imagination V

Chapter 1

The White Lily

How long have I been here….? I should wake up now, HE will be furious if he’s going to see me still laying down here. The girl raises her body from the cold floor, as she starts to stand up, she felt tremendous pain all over her body. “Ah!…” she let out a little sound, while touching her arm slightly. “This bruise… will it heal before the next party?” It was too quiet and as that loneliness strike the girl she almost let her tears fall down, it didn’t but almost. Not because of the pain that she feels all over her body, but because of what she has been through. The girl manages to hold her tear and bring herself to the bathroom, cleaning her body as carefully as she can but the pain that she felt as water fell down on her scars and bruises is just too much. As she finished her bath, she start to pick a dress carefully, is not because that she want to look pretty and thus she was so careful in picking her clothes, it’s just that there are too many bruises on her body and so she tried to cover with a longer dress that she has. “Ah! This one will do…” It was a nice long dress that is quite simple, the dress cover all of her body from toes, to arm, to neck. The dress look perfectly fit for her with the long blonde hair and beautiful pair of emerald eyes. She looks stunning yet elegant, she is the wife of a famous chant of London, Chord V Rivaille. She is Eira V Rivaille the pitiful protagonist of this tale and she will crawl from this hell, and make it to a new world. 

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