when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 4

Owen and friends

Another day. Let’s go

As I walk through town memories of yesterday come back to my mind. 

I grimace As I pass Wilma’s shop. Remind me to not go in there any time soon

I walk all around recognizing all the places Brayden showed me. I hope I’ll see him in school, he was nice and I could always use a friend who will actually text me. 

When I approach the school I hear the starting bell ring and everyone who was already here starts filing inside. I rush up the steps and walk through the doors lightly and start taking my things from my locker which luckily is not that far from the front doors so I can quickly come in grab my things and get to class. 

I have the usual first period English

I take a seat by a desk near the window. I enjoy being able to see the scenery and watch everything going on outside. The good thing is that it can relax me and help distract me from being.. well distracting which is not a good way to get on people’s good sides. 

I try to be as studious as I can, I take good notes, I turn my assignments in on time, sometimes I can just be… I guess you could call it, distracting.

I really just have trouble sitting still and keeping quiet 

And as much as I try and suppress it, it seems I absentmindedly disrupt the class. Whether it’s pencil tapping, humming, foot shaking, desk squeaking. I just don’t notice it until I get the glares and grimaces as my classmates look over at me.

As more people come in and take a seat I just turn my head and look out the window. I watch the trees move and the clouds move. Students rushing about trying to get to class. Some people just hanging around either with a free period or not bothering with class which in my opinion is not a great idea, you fall behind, not knowing what’s going on in the present, get confused, it’s really just a plan for disaster. 

Someone sits next to me and I look up “hey”

A polite smile graces my lips “hello”

“I’m Owen” he greets

This Owen person, he has brown hair, and brown eyes, he has an overall warm aura and I feel oddly comfortable with him. 

Maybe too comfortable

“you’re beautiful” I blurt out by accident 

I see a small smile come into his face before I cover my mouth and screw my eyes shut. I can feel my cheeks heat up

I can’t be normal for even 10 minutes 

I don’t want to look at him, I turn my head keeping a curtain of my hair separating us. I’m quite happy when the teacher finally begins the lesson to keep me from further embarrassing myself. 

I listen as much as I can with Owens’s presence next to me. What can I say? He’s distracting! Lucky for me, the hair curtain hides me from both Owen and the burning gases from my oh so friendly classmates as I fidget like crazy all through class

The teacher, Mr. Marshall or something like that goes on for a while and really don’t think he’ll ever stop until the bell cuts him off and many students, along with myself, quickly walk out the door, I keep my head down and walk directly to the exit hoping to avoid seeing Owen anymore, maybe ever. 

And now it’s lunch.

I take my lunch from my locker and start walking outside when I hear my name being called. I turn around and around, slightly dizzy I can finally see Owen walking towards me. 

“Hey cutie, wanna have lunch with me?” He says through his laughter 

When I stop feeling sick I say “me? like, in the lunchroom? With your friends?”

“Yes yes and yes, they’re all nice people, and what’s wrong with meeting new people? Cmon, let’s go” 

I guess we’re going to ignore the whole ‘you’re beautiful’ incident. Fine by me. 

The takes my arm and he drags me to the lunchroom. I take a breath as he pulls me to one of the tables with who I’m presuming are his friends

“Guys, this is rowan, the one I was telling you about” he was talking about me? To his friends? Is that good or bad?

I smile and bite my lip giving a little wave. 

One guy pats the seat next to him. I move to take the seat giving a little thanks. 

He introduces himself as hunter “I’m hunter, the idiot on your right is archer” I turn to the guy on the other side of me and notice he looks a bit like hunter, same brown hair, same blue eyes, they both even have light freckles on their faces. Although the difference in ****** structures is what differentiates them, hunter 

looks a little younger. 

“Are you guys related in any way?” I ask curiously 

“Ah,” another guy across the table says “she’s observant” 

He extends his hand and I take it shaking up and down. So far I like these guys, they’re nice. I’ll admit I was pretty nervous at first to be with so many people but now I feel more comfortable and more relaxed “I’m Oliver” 

“Can I call you Ollie?” I blurt out “It just feels more natural, it’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think Oliver, Ollie, I can always try and do Oliver if you don’t like Ollie but that’s why I’m asking” oh there’s my voice. 

“Sure thing sweetheart” I blink at the name and then turn to hunter and then archer “so, brothers?” I squeak out trying to distract from the nickname

Of course, the topic change doesn’t go unnoticed. Ollie smiles slyly at his food while the boy next to him smacks his head “don’t flirt with her” he scolds While Ollie pouts “awe cmon” he points an accusing finger at Owen “he does it! Isn’t that right” he looks at me “cutie” 

Owen looks at Ollie “how the hell do you know about that?” 

Ollie rolls his eyes while taking a bite of food. With his mouth still full, he says “I’m in your class idiot” 

The unnamed guy gives a pointed look at both Ollie and Owen “both of you, quit it” 

He then turns to me “Hi Rowan, I’m alexander feel free to call me Alex and yes, archer and hunter are brothers” 

Archer scoffs “I don’t know what mom was thinking when she named hunter, it’s bad enough that I’m related to him” 

Hunters head pops up “hey, how do you think I feel? I’m stuck with an idiot for a brother” 

Archer narrows his eyes “watch it. I know where you live” 

The bell rings making me jump a little. “This was wonderful guys, I’m glad I met you all, hopefully, if I’m invited again we can do this again” I say as I pack up my food 

Ollie perks up “you’re welcome anytime sweetheart” earning a smack on his head “ow!” 

I then pick up my stuff and give one final goodbye before walking away to my next class. 

For the rest of the day, after having lunch with everyone, I noticed that a lot of them were actually in my classes. In world history was hunter and Oliver, and in algebra I had Alex. Archer is a grade above me so he’s not in my classes, of course I have Owen in my final class, chemistry along with Oliver. And In art is all Owen, Oliver, and Alex. When hunter learned this he complained a lot 

After the classes ended, and I was by my locker putting my stuff away when I see someone In my peripheral vision. 

I turn and am met with Taylor. 

“Oh hey Taylor, what’s up?” I ask curiously

“I just wanted to see how you’ve been, we haven’t talked in a while and thought we were a little overdue for a little chit chat” 

I open my mouth in surprise. She’s never done this before. We don’t talk much but we do enough to be considered friends in my book

“Oh, well I’ve been pretty good. The normal stuff going on, how have you been?” 

She sighs as if the question irritated her “I’m ok, trying to figure some things out” 

I nod As I close my locker and slowly start to walk towards the door wondering if she’ll follow me

My question is answered when she walks quickly to me and falls into place beside me as we walk together out of school 

The silence is a little awkward and full of anticipation. 

I finally crack “Whats u-“

“Why were you with Owen today?” She suddenly says before I can even finish

“What do you mean? We’re friends” 

She makes a noise in her throat “friends huh? You were sitting at his table, with his friends” 

I nod in confirmation “yes”

She makes a humming noise “alrighty then, I guess I’ll see you around” 

I nod as she walks away and shout “Text me!” At her retreating figure 

She doesn’t answer. 

I take a few more steps when I’m interrupted by a loud honk making me jump, startled. 

I turn around to see a black car just a little behind me. My first thought is ‘am I getting kidnapped?’ Until the driver’s window is put down. 

“Hey cutie, how about you let this beautiful guy drive you home yeah?”

I knew he wasn’t going to let go of the whole ‘beautiful’ thing 

“Owen” I breathe out 

he looks straight into my eyes. “Rowan, let’s go” 

To go or not to go, that is the question. 

He gets out and grabs my hand and starts pulling me. 

I guess it wasn’t a question after all.

At home, I put all my things down. And I decide to get a move on with my homework. I go to my room and set up a space on my desk amidst all the things on my desk. 

Here at home, I can fidget all I want, I don’t have to worry about my classmates and teachers. Here I can focus more, it’s why my homework grade is higher than my participation grade. Although, when I can’t focus in class, I don’t really have all I need to do the homework easily. Thus why I’m still here doing homework a few hours later. 

I know it’s time to stop when my hand is cramping and my butt is numb. I’m also hungry. Yes, very hungry. 

I make the journey to the kitchen and scavenge through the cabinets and fridge, eventually coming out with some chips. Mm potatoes. 

Like the animal I am, I eat straight from the family size bag as I walk to the living room. I sit on the couch and sigh loudly. I don’t even really like tv. Maybe I should go outside again. But the chips! I get some to go by stuffing a large handful into my mouth. 

It’s only around 6. The sun doesn’t set until 8. So I have a while before I have to walk the streets in the dark. And With a wild imagination, it can be really scary. Monsters in the shadows, vampires in the alleys. Muggers? Nope, murderers? Nah. Definitely ghosts and evil dolls. No doubt. 

Maybe I shouldn’t go outside. No. I must! It’s my only dreeeam! Ok fine but we must be home before dark. Preferably before sunset. Or in an hour. Maybe I shouldn’t go outside. 

Ok ok fine

In order to give me the maximum amount of time, I run around the house and ****** things like sonic. Wallet, shoes, jacket, phone, keys

Let’s do it! I quickly leave the house and head out towards town

As I’m walking down the street I recognize Wilma’s, always, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that silly, tricky lady. 

And I see a little ways down the cu-tist little bakery ever. It’s pink-themed and has the most mouth-watering treats in the window, and it smells absolutely delicious! The thing that catches my eye is a bright pink sign announcing that help is wanted. 

The sign and I stare each other down for what I’m assuming is around 3 minutes. I’m sure I look absolutely loony. I really do want this. I need this. Alright, first step. 

Each step feels so heavy and every step I’m considering running the opposite direction. What can I say? I’m nervous! But when I do finally make it through the door I know there no turning back.

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