when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 21


“What is this?” I stare down at a flyer in my hands that I took from a telephone post. It was extremely colorful which is what got my attention, but of course like the impatient person he is, Reece quickly pulls me away just as I snatched it off the pole. So now I feel guilty, I took something that was meant for everyone. Someone could be looking for this! “It’s a color run- the happiest 5k on earth” I continued to scan the flyer “hey, this looks really fun!” 

Reece throws his head back and laughs “no way! I don’t run”

I suck my teeth in a disapproving manner “you don’t need to run. Plus, where is your team spirit? Oh yeah, you don’t have spirit because you’re ‘Reece, the dark lord of the underworld’”

He rolls his eyes. “My preference for black attire does not color my soul. I can be an extremely fun person”

“Then come to the run with me! It’s in just a week and I need a buddy to go with me ” I plead. “I don’t want to go alone”

He shakes his head “Sorry princess, not gonna happen” 

I sigh dramatically but instantly perk up when Delilah’s diner comes into view and I can already taste the milkshakes. Then I remember the deal and that I have to pay for the milkshakes and I huff quietly

Upon entering we are greeted by a sign instructing us to seat ourselves. 

Once we take a seat I take the menu and with minimal thought, I pick the chocolate with m&m’s and butterfingers 

Of course I had to be stuck with the slowest person ever to pick a milkshake combo.

Instead of being rude and telling him to hurry up, I rest my hands on my knuckles and I just look at him. 

I keep looking until he looks up. He looks back down again but soon starts fidgeting and finally puts the menu on the table and exasperatedly sighs “I’m done, I’m done, you can stop being a creep” 

I laugh and finally look elsewhere “I’m channeling my inner creepy guy”

He closes his eyes with a grimace “I still can’t believe you called him beautiful”

That’s really not my fault. I do silly things when in discomfort. And he was most definitely discomforting. “Don’t remind me” 

A waitress comes over and takes down our milkshake orders, mine a chocolate M&M Butterfinger and Reece with a chocolate mint M&M

She walks away and I switch my attention back to Reece “nice choice, I applaud you and your mintiness”

He smiles dramatically “minty fresh”

“Gross, it’s a milkshake, not a toothpaste flavor” I say with my nose scrunched up 

He chuckles as he stirs his water with his straw “same thing”

“Okay, first, no they are absolutely not the same thing. Two, if they were, why would you like that? May as well just eat the toothpaste”

He smiles again and points to his teeth “don’t get these for no reason”

I take in his cryptic meaning thinking for a minute and when it clicks I stick my tongue out at him “ick”

“Kidding” he then shrugs, making me just a tad bit suspicious but I try to put logic before everything else in my wild imagination which I don’t do often so he should be honored.

Our milkshakes are then placed in front of us with a ‘enjoy’ 

I dig in like a dinosaur, a habit I’m realizing I do quite often. I take spoonful after spoonful until both my brain and teeth start to hurt.

I hum in discomfort trying to warm up my teeth by breathing out through my mouth 

Reece looks over “teeth freeze?” 

Gosh, I’m so glad he understands, I don’t know what I would do if another person thought I was crazy. I also have that habit.

Nodding, the pain fades to a point where I start to eat my milkshake again, a little less like a dinosaur.

We eat in mainly silence as we both enjoy our food and because of the fact that I’m sure Reece has manners and I just want to look socially appropriate. At home I have no issue being from the Paleolithic Era


Slurping the last of the milkshake from the bottom on the cup, I sit back, thoroughly happy as Reece does the same.

“That was absolutely wonderful. 8/10 for sure” I say with a lazy smile 

“Why only eight?” Reece asks

“I know Delilahs has amazing milkshakes, but I have my own rank, and when an even better milkshake enters my stomach, I’ll know. I just know.”

The waitress comes around and gives me the check. 

Accepting my fate, I reach into my tiny pocket, successfully squishing my hand as I fish out this morning’s cleaning jobs payment. I start to count it but Reece just snatches the check out from in front of me. Reading it, he places it into one hand and takes out fifteen dollars and places it gently on top of the table and nods at me “let’s go”

“Wha- but- I was go- i-” I pathetically sputter out random clusters of words as Reece slides out of the booth and takes my hand and pulls me after him

I look back at the table and the money he put down. Two thoughts go through my mind 

One: Chivalry is not dead

Two: Why is it that everyone insists on paying for me? Do I radiate ‘broke’?

I hope I don’t. 

I mean I am, but I don’t need to look the part.


Alex and Amy invited me to go shopping with them. I agreed because I needed to get out of the house and away from the hurricane that is Megan and Natasha. I also wanted to be with them, people who could be my friends one day. And because it would give me a chance to get out and catch ’em all. Not boys, no. Pokémon. I’m gonna catch pokemon.

I’m a little late to the game but I’m committed to being the worlds awesomest poké-master!

I will win.

I don’t think you can win but I would like to. 

Hopping around putting on my shoes and grabbing my things, I hear yelling coming from upstairs and like the responsible person I am, I rush out the door.

This game could definitely be a giant hazard. Especially when working with my clumsy butt. I’ve already run into a fire hydrant, a fence, and a street sign. Do we really need so many of those?

“Ah!” my heart drops when my foot walks off the curb of the sidewalk. I bend over with my hands on my knees taking a deep breath after my supposed near-death experience. Now I’ve almost walked into a road. The one with cars. Ones that could run me over. Oh gosh. 

I pause at least four times on my way to the mall trying to capture several pidgeys and an Eevee. 

Finally making it, I realize I’m ten minutes late. I blame the pokemon. 

The mall is a common space to find pokemon so I don’t exactly rush to meet the girls, I may have actually taken even longer than needed. 

“C’mon, c’mon please” I mutter to myself as I wait for a hoothoot to be captured. 

“Rowan?!” I jump in surprise when my name is called, glancing over at the hot topic where my name was called from, I cringe and make probably the most awkward face ever at Amy. “Yes?” 

Glancing back down I notice my pokemon has escaped “no!” I whine a little before trudging over to the hot topic. Wow, this game has really brought out the worst in me.

“Dude! Took you long enough, where were you?” Alex pops up from one of the racks. She walks around to us while I try to come up with an excuse that will make the situation sound better. “I got sidetracked” I manage

Amy then speaks up “you were on your phone from the moment you walked in, you couldn’t have sped up your texting a little?”

I wasn’t texting

I reply with a simple shrug hoping the subject of my secret nerdiness will be dropped 

And it is when Alex holds up two shirts. One black with Panic! At the disco and one black with the rolling stones. Diverse, nice.

“Well? Which one?” she prompts 

We both point to the Panic! At the disco. “The rolling stones one is basic, everyone wears them” 

Amy nods in agreement at my statement 

Alex places the shirt back on the rack and then picks up a basket up from the floor which I failed to notice, that has a bunch of things which I hope she doesn’t ask us opinions on because I’m really not one for shopping when I have no money. 

Luckily she takes all the things and goes to the register while we leave the store and survey the area looking for a place to go next. My eyes are on the food court but Amy quickly runs over to Alex, says something to her and runs back to me, taking my arm and pulls me past the food court and into some random Japanese store. 

I recognize some of the merchandise from movies I’ve seen. It’s actually a very cute store and I guess Amy agrees because she comes up to me, shoves tiny animal erasers in my face and gushes about how cute they are looking periodically between the two. 

The little critters remind me a bit of the pokemon I’ve been missing and I do two things

One: I mentally curse myself for involving myself in this cursed game

Two: I excuse myself to go to the bathroom to go play said cursed game

I dash away from the kawaii store and pull out my phone. 

In the mists of catching a Rattata, I do quite the unfortunate thing. I should have known this game would do no good for me and my coordination. It’s evil!

My shins are hit by a wall and I fall forward. Unfortunately the only thing there to catch me was water. I have fallen into a fountain.

Pushing myself into a sitting position, my hair falls into my face and when I finally get it all out of my eyes I notice every pair or visible eyes and probably more are looking at me. 

These losers are probably just dying to laugh. 

Instead of sitting there letting my dignity get washed away, I stand up while a waterfall falls from my clothes.

I sigh and step out of the stupid fountain while I see Alex and Amy running my way 

“Oh my god Rowan are you okay!?” Amy’s eyes are wide while Alex looks like she’s going to burst with laughter, and when she does, any eyes that weren’t on me, definitely are now. “That was so epic! How does someone even do that?” 

I shake my head letting water drip all over the floor. We then walk towards the exit of the mall. I don’t think store employees would appreciate my newfound sense of style.

I take my squishy, squeaky shoes and walk home, leaving a path in my wake with Alex and Amy on either side, both of them a good few feet away. 

I am never playing that game again.

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