when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 2


After Myself’s and Reece’s encounter with the names, he decided to stick around for a little. We talked, ate his gummy bears, watched arrow, my favorite, watched alphas, his favorite, took turns blindly drawing each other 

“No way! Nu-uh! That is absolutely not me, nope, I refuse” he argues with me as I hold up my blind picture of him looking back and forth between the two

“I think I see some resemblance, this scribble right here looks a bit like your eyes, or maybe it’s your hair, or your nose” I point squinting my eyes 

He then snatches the drawing out of my hands and crumples it throwing it on the ground. 

I gasp “Reece! Have some self-respect” I shake my head scolding him 

He opens his mouth to come back at me, which would be pointless because I always win, when we both pause at the sound of the little bell going off 

Both our heads jerk towards the door. Where I thought would be Evan, is another boy around his age, probably nineteen or twenty 

I probably should have figured out that whole ‘hi welcome to seven eleven how may I help you’ greeting thing 

He looks over at me and smiles. I smile back in hopes of it being a good enough greeting and he continues browsing the shelves 

Reece leans closer to my ear “who is he” he whispers 

I lean over towards his ear ” seven-eleven is open to everyone twenty-four seven” 

He leans back in and instead of whispering he blows harshly in my ear

I yelp and smack his head holding my ear. “Ow!” 

The guy glances over and stares at the two of us for a little longer than necessary before looking between the Pringle’s and Cheetos in his hands 

He leans over once more “Cheetos are way better” 

“I prefer neither, my favorite is the blue raspberry slushy” 

Laughing he says “oh I know, I know”

The guy then comes to the counter, Pringle’s in hand. “Hey” 

He places the Pringle’s on the counter and starts fishing in his backpack for his money. “Hi” I reply a little awkwardly. 

He definitely needs a better organization system because this is taking forever. Seriously 

When he fishes out the needed amount I quickly take it and give him his change but instead of leaving, he stands around looking at me. “Yes?” I ask. I’m a little weirded out 

“You’re very beautiful,” he says and I pause with my mouth slightly open as I look up at him “thanks” is my only reply but he continues to stand there. 

I glance over at Reece but he only shrugs and I give him a glare. How dare he just sit there and watch me in a terrible awkwardness. 

I turn back to the strange guy “you’re beautiful too” they guys face changes from blank to shocked. 

Violent coughing comes from my left where Reece sits and I just purse my lips. Why did I say that? Oh, I know. Reece was being rude and didn’t help me in my time of uncomfortableness and when that happens I really can’t control what comes out of my mouth. So yeah. Reece’s fault 

“Th-thank you!” The guy raises his voice and I, just stay quiet praying he’ll leave. 

He won’t go away. Reece is just sitting there and I have no clue what to do! 

Eventually, I just choose to open my mouth and hope for the best. “We’re closing soon so I need to go pack up and clean and stuff, holler if you need something” I tip my imaginary hat and start to get up. 

I don’t really have a place to go, the only place I could go that’s away from here and out of his line of sight is the back storage room and I don’t know how many spiders are living there or how long he will stand and stare so I hope he’ll get the message and just go away. 

Of course instead of leaving he just talks. “Isn’t seven-eleven open 24/7?” 

I want to smack myself. How could I forget? I literally come here every day, all hours, and I forget? 

Now what? Panic? Maybe. 

“Well, I’m not. I won’t be here much longer so I really should get things finished up” wow that made a lot of sense. I’m so proud. I almost want to pat myself on the back and cheer. 

His face turns a lot of different emotions before settling on anger. “I am a paying customer! You will stay to assist!” My eyes widen as I stare at him. I don’t know what to say. 

he starts to back away from the counter keeping eye contact with me. Should I be keeping eye contact? Doesn’t that provoke anger? Will he think I want to challenge him? Maybe to jousting match? I would win. Actually I’m scared of horses. But wouldn’t holding a giant stick, trying to fling someone to the ground be awesome? Maybe I have issues. 

Still keeping uncomfortable eye contact he starts grabbing whatever’s in his reach until he has his arms full. He comes back to the counter and drops it all in front of me “I want it” he states 

I slowly and unsurely start scanning the pile of food. “I would recommend a blue raspberry slushy” Reece’s head snaps to me with the most incredulous look and I give him an awkward smile. What am I supposed to do? Probably not that 

The guy doesn’t say anything and I just keep scanning. His loss 

Eventually, I scan the last pack of milky ways “$50.75” I say with a suspicious look because I don’t think he has that kind of cash considering the time it took him to get the cash of one thing of Pringle’s but I’ll just wait

If he made me scan all this for nothing, I’ll throw a fit. Full-on stomping screaming jumping flailing fit. And it won’t be pretty or beautiful 

He opens his backpack and starts taking out coins. 


If he really has fifty dollars in coins I will be all concerned, weirded out, and amazed. 

At two quarters and a dime, he stops and just stares and I almost want to cry at how uncomfortable I am. Is he ok? I’m not. 

How can Reece just sit there? What a jerk.

“Do you have enough to pay?” I ask wearily 

He simply shrugs 

Do I need to call someone? Is this a missing child that I need to report? Who’s Possible missing a few marbles? 

We stare a little while longer before Reece abruptly stands and walks closer to the guy “I think you should leave” 


He guy again doesn’t say anything but just stares. What is his problem? Like hello? It’s a little rude to stare at someone you know? Clearly he didn’t get the message 

Reece puts a hand on his shoulder and starts to push him out the door. I’m a bit surprised he complied, walking backwards towards the door, Reece’s hand not letting go until he is outside. 

The door closes and he stares through the window for a few moments before walking away. 

we both let out a collective breath. He comes back and sits next to me in his previous spot. I wait a second before turning and forcefully punching him on the arm. “Ow! What is it with you and hitting people?!” 

“Oh, you totally deserved that for leaving me to deal with Mr creeper all alone!” I exclaim 

Raising a **** eyebrow he says “I’m the one who got rid of him aren’t I?” 

“Took you three and a half million years! I still have the shivers” I say as a shiver runs down my spine as if to prove my point 

I hold up a finger in deceleration “as punishment, you must restock all the food he took” 

He flails around “but I don’t wanna!” He wines like a child 

“Well then maybe I’ll call creepy starey guy to come back and instead of myself being the victim of extreme uncomfortableness, I will leave to the back rooms and you can deal with him” 

With an eye roll, he gets up taking a handful of the snacks and starts to put them back one by one

The only sounds are the sounds of his footsteps and the crinkles of the snacks as I organize them into piles

I don’t love the silence, I had enough of that for today with creepy dude so I decide to comment “he sure was creepy, I hope he doesn’t come back. Hopefully, he wasn’t an escapee from somewhere, I don’t want to be the next missing child on the news, knowing my mom she’ll pick the most hideous picture of me to display on the tv for everyone to see claiming it shows my ‘natural beauty’” 

Taking a breath he says “Creepy dude was right about one thing, you are beautiful. I can’t imagine a picture of you that’s hideous”

I laugh. Loudly. What a cheezer. 

I don’t usually look in a mirror and say ‘wow. I look good’ and don’t most people say something like ‘your opinion matters most’ or something? And I don’t have the highest opinion of myself so hearing the whole ‘you’re beautiful’ stuff. I don’t really register it. But of course just to be nice I offer a kind smile. 

He doesn’t say anything more on the matter. Instead, he asks “why do you come here every day? And at this time?”

“Not one cell in my body can resist the goodness of a blue slushie and I come here from Habit I guess” 

“Anyway” I continue “I should probably start getting ready to go, Evan will probably be here soon, and I have school and I still need to get my things” 

“Right,” he says with a nonchalant face but it’s mixed with something else “well, I may drop by again, so hopefully I’ll see you soon” 

Maybe he goes to the same school. But I won’t bring it up, if we see each other, I’ll want it to be a surprise 

Then the little bell rings. Hopefully it’s not creeper dude. I can’t handle round two. But it’s not him, it’s Evan. 

He narrows his eyes at Reece “who the hell are you” 

His face is cold “I’m Reece. I take it you’re Evan”

“Yeah. I see you’ve gotten aquatinted with Rowan so I’ll skip the introduction” 

Rolling my eyes, I take my keys and phone. “I’m leaving. I’m basically dying from the amount of testosterone in this store” 

They glance at me before returning to their stiff postures and glaring contest. 

“Bye guys” 

“Bye rowan,” They both say 

“see you soon,” Reece says as Evan makes an angry noise 

I make a weird face and head out the door with one last glance at them and a hope they don’t kill each other

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