when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 19

The unexpected

“What can I get you Lil lady?” the man behind the counter of snacks in the movie theater asks me 

“A medium popcorn please” 

I wasn’t sure if I should get something bigger so all of us could share, or if everyone was going to get their own snacks. So I got something in between, holding off on the candy until everyone got here so we could discuss. 

It’s important to communicate with everyone so that if you’re sharing you can get a balanced mix of sweet and sour.

Taking my popcorn, I go and sit on a bench under a giant poster for the latest Avengers movie. 

Now, of course I try and not eat all my popcorn before the movie but I’m really lacking in the self control department. 

Just one piece. 

I really hope they get here soon. I don’t think I have enough money for a second popcorn.

Not having a job really isn’t helpful when I’m trying to get overpriced popcorn. I’ve resorted to doing chores for my mom to earn money. And let’s just say we had a pretty quick conversation regarding my pay. 

She agreed to give me money but for about half the minimum wage in the state of Colorado. So for each chore she gives me 5.55 and a hug. 

This was not my idea but she is my employer and I’m in no position to argue.

Before I came here I cleaned the kitchen for the guests she’s having over from her work and I got my 5.55. I actually took out of my slush funds to get this popcorn. 

Being broke sucks.

“Hey, there’s Rowan” 

I look up and breathe out a sigh of relief when i see both Amy and Alex walking my way

“Hey guys!” I smile up at them from my spot on the bench 

“I’m glad you could meet up for this” Amy gestures around while Alex is already at the snack counter getting an abundance of food making my popcorn look like child’s play.

“I’ll go get our tickets” A\my walks away to the ticket booth while Alex plops down on the bench next to me glancing at my food. “Broke life huh?” 

I lean back on the wall nodding while putting more popcorn in my mouth.

They really ought to put more butter on these

Or I could be healthy. 

Butter is better

“I get it, I had to promise my brother candy to get him to give me money, other than that, I’m broke as *********

Amy comes back with the tickets and hands one to each of us.

Glancing at the movie, I’m certainly glad I did or I would have freaked out hardcore if I hadn’t of known the movie was freaking Annabell comes home

Who am I kidding, I’m going to freak out either way

My nerves start jumping as we all walk towards the dreaded theater.

I hate hate hate scary movies.

I probably should have prepared myself for this possibility but I was just hoping it wouldn’t happen I guess. I’ll do it because they want to but I most definitely will not enjoy it. 


I turn my pale and nervous face to look at the girls 

“Are you okay?” 

I nod and force and strained smile “yeah yeah, it’s all cool”

We then proceed into the dark theater where I am quick to get to our seats hoping the large cushions will provide even the tiniest morsel of comfort.

My hands are clawing into the leather of the seat as my frozen, unblinking eyes are, for some terrible reason, glued to the screen.

Watching the evil murderous doll which may be real walk across the screen only adds to the confirmation that I will either have terrible nightmares tonight or not sleep at all.

Shivers constantly move up and down my spine like it’s a slide on a playground.

My stomach clenches and flips as I try and suppress the looming heart attack that just might happen if I have to endure one more jumpscare 

The whole time Amy and Alex are watching with interest. They even laugh at some points 


They Are crazier than that doll. They’re eating my popcorn that I couldn’t finish due to lack of appetite and the feeling of nausea. 

I seriously can’t believe that on more than one occasion they were scolded by the person in front of us from literally throwing popcorn

When the movie ended I couldn’t wait to leave. I rushed out of there as fast as I could 

When Alex and Amy came out they were laughing on each others shoulders and I just looked at them like they had two heads. 

“Rowan, you ran out of there like you were racing sonic, you should have told me you were scared of scary movies” Alex says looking at me with an amused look 

I just take a deep breath “I’m ok, we’re all good, don’t worry” 

Feel like I’m just saying that to myself.

“Alright man” 

We then walk out and the sunlight gives me a bit more peace of mind. Reminding me we’re not being haunted by an evil doll.


“Well, that’s it. Rowan, do you want us to drive you home?” Amy asks while unlocking her car

I’m quick to say yes, I absolutely do not need to be walking home alone right now. 

We all get in, Amy driving and Alex up front 

“Alex, you couldn’t have offered shotgun to Rowan?” Amy asks glancing over at Alex 

Alex’s face changes into a look portraying the thought that the idea was the stupidest thing she’s ever heard “yeah, no way”

I didn’t mind having the back seat. I never expected Alex to give it, she doesn’t seem like the type to do that

Alex pulls out a box of m&m’s and proceeds to eat them before Amy looks over at her. “First of all, don’t eat in my car. Second, aren’t these for your brother?” 

“Nope” Pouring a giant mouthful of m&m’s in her mouth she puts them in her pocket 

The drive consists of the two girls talking animatedly about the movie while I just stare out at the passing scenery. 

As we pull over by my house I thank them both for inviting me and buying me a ticket. I then get out and open the door only to be met with my dad 

“You can’t come in” he says quickly 

I laugh “and why is that doorway troll?” 

“Your mother has been cleaning like a madwoman and I cannot let someone mess up her hard work” 

“Did she threaten you?” 

He nods with wide eyes “she’ll have my head”

“Where are Natasha and Megan?” 

He scrunches his face as he tries to remember 

Dad of the year

“Megan is with a friend and Natasha is getting groceries” he says proudly 

I give him a slow clap “way to go dad, you know where the kids are”

I bounce on my feet “so I’m just supposed to stand here all day?” 

Scoffing like it’s the most ridiculous thought in the world he says “no no no, you can’t greet our guests in that” he gestures to my outfit 

He turns around and leans down “get on my back” 

I smile and jump up landing on his back “alright, let’s do it” he then runs me around the house as i laugh and cling on to him.

We’re about to leave the kitchen when we hear “ahem”

We both freeze and with me still on his back, he turns around to face mom who has just entered the room

“Hi love, just getting Rowan upstairs so she can get ready” dad flashes a smile and I know mom can’t stay mad. My parents love for each other is absolutely never-ending

“Oh alright. Just don’t mess anything up. I spent all day on this house. Rowan, when you get upstairs plan for our guests to be here around seven, so you have about an hour, try to not come down in sweat pants please”

What else is there to wear? 

“Sure sure” I then whisper to dad that we should go and he walks away and dangerously up the stairs.

I hop down when we get to my room and give dad a solid pat on the shoulder “thanks pal”

We hear the door opening and the shuffling of bags signifying that Natasha’s home 

He sighs dramatically “now I have to go get the groceries! When does the work ever end?!”

He stomps away and I turn to my closet.

I search through all my clothes and I’m seriously wondering if I own anything besides sweatpants. 

I find some jeans but I hate jeans. Tossing them to the side I continue to dig through all the clothes until I find some white shorts. Dangerous, but it’ll have to do.

I just hope Natasha takes what I said seriously about not throwing food

My shirt is just dark blue. It’s gonna have to be good enough because I am no fashionista. 

Gathering all my clothes, I make my way to the bathroom, happy that Natasha didn’t get in first like always.

Showering can actually be a stressful experience for me. Where most people relax under the water, I become tired and don’t want to even continue my shower so it’s a real hassle to get it all done. Don’t even get me started on potential hazards. Slipping, soap in the eyes, falling asleep, running out of conditioner, the water going cold, the list goes on. Then I have to worry about cleaning for Natasha. I have to hang up my towel, wipe up the water on the floor, clean out the hairs that came out from conditioning. All in all, it’s not my favorite part of the day.

When I’m finally dressed and my hair is brushed, I go back into my room to read my book. 

I sit criss-cross on my bed as I open to my page as I let my eyes read over the words as the world around me disappears

Reading a book is like watching a movie in your head. No creepy dolls here.

I’m knocked out of my reading when I hear yelling from downstairs. I really hope these guests and my parents aren’t having a fight. I don’t think I could handle that kind of drama.


Oh. I guess they were yelling for me 

I close my book quickly and do a quick scan in the mirror.

My hair is slightly wet and is leaving watermarks on my shirt but I can just cover it so that’s fine. I don’t wear makeup. I don’t like it and I won’t wear it. My clothes are fine

Oh, I forgot shoes. Do I even need shoes? Who wears shoes in the house? That’s silly. I’ll be fine. 

I turn to go out the door as I take a breath. I hear murmuring from downstairs and I just have to go for it, rip the bandaid off

I walk down, leaping to the ground on the third to last step landing with a thunk.

The mummers stop as I walk into the kitchen. I first spot chicken, then steamed vegetables, then a giant salad, then mashed potatoes, and finally some soup and bread. 

Mom really went all out for these people. Who are these people?

I finally look up from the food and to the new four people at the table. 

A man, a woman, and.. Jackson? My eyes then travel to the last person at the table 

Gray shirt, black jeans, converse 

Oh shoot, they are wearing shoes.


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