when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 17

Sugar Sugar Sugar

As I rifle through the fridge, looking for something to eat, I realize there isn’t really anything I want that I can find here.

Making up my mind, I take my keys and phone and the designated amount of money needed to obtain my end goal. I very carefully avoid all potential hazards in my way such as lamps, couches, and random things Natasha likes to leave laying around.

Slowly opening the door with a cringe as it creeks I tiptoe my way outside and again, close the door. I feel like I can finally breathe once the lock clicks. 

I turn around only to be met with something I thought would never happen again.

There, in the darkness, is the outline of a red rose.

A smile creeps onto my face and a giddy feeling enters my body. 

I picked it up and held it close to me. With my rose in hand, I bounce my way down the street in the night, possibly looking slightly insane.

My hair is wild, my shoes are untied, I never really tie my shoes because if I’m just going to untie them again I see no point.

looking at myself, I now realize I’ve left the house in flamingo pajamas.


They have little flamingos on the shorts and a flamingos face on the shirt which says “don’t make me put my foot down” I laugh a little looking at that. how silly

Ok so I’m like five years old, whatever. 

I mess with the rose the whole way to my lovely seven eleven.

I pick up my pace to a slight jog when I see the giant seven-eleven sign.

I haven’t been here in so long, I may as well be presumed dead in Evans’ book. 

When the store bell goes off, I rush inside and almost jump over the counter when I see Evan’s eyes meet mine “holy **** Rowan, you’re not dead” 

“Can’t get rid of me that easily,” I say reaching into my pocket as I fish out my needed money

Placing it on the counter I look up at Evan who lets out a tiny laugh “some things never change”

“That’s new though” he points at my rose 

“Oh yeah, it is” I look down at the rose in my hands and I smile 

“It’s pretty” 

I just nod placing it on the counter 

He turns to make my slushie and he spares a glance at my lovely flamingo pajamas and a corner of his mouth raises before he completely turns around to focus on my slushie

“Oh, your, friend, comes in sometimes. he claims to not be looking for you but I’m not blind” his voice takes on a very slight strain as he says this “so I would suggest calling him or something so he gets off my case” 

He turns and hands me my slushie and I take it happily and greedily.

I take in my first few gulps of blue wonderfulness and I sigh and turn my head to Evan, looking at him lazily. “thanks”

Nodding, he turns his head back down to his phone “so, where’ve you been?”

I sigh “remember my cousin Megan?” 

with a short laugh he looks up briefly before returning his gaze back to his phone “the crazy one? you know, with the curly hair?” 

I sigh again “she’s not crazy”

he raises an eyebrow at his phone and hums lowly “She totally was” he mutters

I’m about to correct him again but he speaks “anyway, she’s back in town?”

I nod once slowly “yeah, I don’t know how long though”

“Here’s to hoping it’s tomorrow. And that she doesn’t remember me”

I narrow my eyes at him “don’t be rude” I take another gulp of my slushie

He rolls his eyes. Suddenly, he raises his head and looks at me “go pick out ten different candies”

“Okay..” is he trying to get me to work again? I have school tomorrow. And homework. I forgot about that

I walk through the isles and take almond joy, my favorite, skittles, starbursts, butterfingers, baby ruth, a ring pop, gummy bears, Toblerone, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and snickers

Coming back to the counter I drop all the candies in front of us looking up at Evan.

“Okay. so here’s what you’re going to do, we’re going to play a game”

I have to laugh “I didn’t take you as a game player Evan” 

Ignoring me, he continues “your eyes are going to be closed and you have ten questions to ask about the candy I’m holding”

“What’s the point of this?” I look at him suspiciously 

“Why do you ask so many questions?” he retorts 

I cross my arms ignoring the question and I close my eyes 

I hear the crinkling of all sorts of wrappers. Does he think I’m gonna cheat? Thanks for thinking so highly of me. 

I can totally identify the candy by the sound of the wrapper. You got me Evan. Nice one

The crinkling stops and Evan speaks up telling me to start 

“Is it made with chocolate?”


Oh crap I already forgot the options

“Is it made in a bar form?”


“Is it made with peanuts?”

I hear shuffling and I know he’s checking the ingredients. I roll my eyes under my lids at how ridiculous he is, how do you not know if there’s peanuts?


Is it an almond joy? Let’s be smart. When I first came into seven eleven, before my love for slushies, I would always buy almond joys, if he remembers that then knowing him he totally didn’t pick almond joy, darn, then what else was there?

Quoting jeopardy I answer “what is, Toblerone” 

Letting out a scoff of disbelief he exclaims loudly “how in the hell did you do that? You only used three questions!”

I open my eyes to see Evan with a Toblerone in his hands “I guess I’m just a natural born winner” I shrug “also Toblerone is not a bar, its a triangle”

“A triangle bar” he emphasizes 

“A triangle stick” I correct 

With a sigh, he points the stick in my direction and I automatically put my hand up “whoa there buddy, I know you’re mad but there’s no need to be such a sore loser”

He sucks his teeth “it’s for you”

I glance around looking for cameras or even a crew of aliens with mind control devices but when I find none I look back to Evan and slowly extend my hand to reach for the chocolate expecting him to pull it away and lecture me on taking free candy from people or something but once my hand latches onto one end he lets go 

“You can stop looking at me like I’m from outer space, I can be nice, you earned that candy fair and square” he says with a shrug

I nod slowly and take the candy close to my face inspecting it closely looking for anything suspicious

“Oh my god for ***** sake you’re the one who took it off the shelf rowan!”

I give him a disapproving look “my eyes were closed for an awfully long time 

“Fine” he extends his hand “give it back”

I quickly open the box and take a whole bite from the stick 

He makes a face “well don’t eat it like that, you’re supposed to break it”

“Well I’m sorry mister Toblerone police, would you like to give me a ticket? Better yet bring me into the station, for officer, I have done the unthinkable” I put my wrists together and thrust them in his direction “take me”

“Just eat your **** candy” he grumbles 


When I said my goodbyes and gave prober thanks to Evan, I left the seven eleven and made it home.

I crept through the door being careful to be quiet and not break something knowing my clumsy butt.

Making it to my room I place my rose in the water bottle with the other ones which are nearly dead. good timing.

I then throw myself into the air and onto my bed, as satisfying as it was, the impact of my landing made the bed whack into the wall behind it succeeding in making a large thump resonate through the house. 

I cringe pausing all movement to listen for movement in the house. 

The coast seems clear, so I start crawling under the covers

My heart speeds up when I hear voices coming from the hall and I quickly scramble to get the rest of the way under the blankets, unfortunately in my chaotic movements, I get tangled in all my blankets. 

It’s like that snake where the more you move the tighter it gets. 

I don’t have time to call animal control so I just lay limp in my mess of blankets hoping no one will question why it looks like I was in a pro wrestling tournament with my snake of a blanket. 

The voices get louder and I can now recognize them as my lovely mother and father

My door creaks open and I swear my heart stops.

Seriously, I, going to get a heart attack one of these days from living in this house

When the door shuts I let out all the air in my lungs in a large sigh. Dodged a bullet there. Good thing too, getting shot would probably really hurt

I force my mind elsewhere because I really don’t want to dream of getting shot. 

In a little while, I finally do fall asleep, care bears on the mind. 


It’s the morning time. I hate the morning time.

Eating my bowl of cereal with a tired look on my face, eyes opening and closing tiredly, I hear Megan walking down the stairs

“Good morning my lovely cousin”

I hum in response not looking up from my cereal 

I stopped drinking coffee when I learned it doesn’t really give you energy that lasts. I need full time energy. I guess sleep would be the answer but I really can’t help that my body adapted to my new schedule, except I have yet to master the art of sleeping so good in four hours that it’s like I slept all day. 

I sleep four hours and feel like I’ve been up all night. 

Megan has sat down with a fruit cup I presume she bought yesterday with my mother.

“Where have you been going at night?” she asks with a slight smirk 

My insides do a flip but all I can manage on the outside it to just slide my eyes in her direction and shrug 

“Oh come on, Tell me! Is it a secret boyfriend?” she laughs like it’s absurd that I get a boyfriend 

I roll my eyes at her 

“Yeah, I thought so. So what is it? Don’t tell me you’ve gotten into the drug business” 

Finding my voice, I whisper to her “oh yes Megan, I’m in with this guy called tony, he hooks me up, with the money I get from dealing”

Her eyes widen and I get real close to her “you can’t tell anyone, or I’ll have to kill you” 

“What?!” she screeches 

I cover my ears as I look up at Natasha who’s just entered the kitchen also covering her ears “Megan, please try and refrain from bursting my eardrums this early in the morning” 

“It’s her fault!” she points at me “your sister is crazy!”

Natasha looks at me then slowly back to Megan “alright” 

“Alright? Alright?! No way is this alright, I’m telling your mom” Megan rushes out frantically 

I then decide to speak up before my parents call the police on me 

“Megan, I don’t deal drugs”

Natasha lets out a loud laugh as Megan looks between us both 

“You fell for that? I mean, my sister is a compulsive liar and even I believe some things she says but drugs? Really? Rowan would **** herself if she was even offered a cigarette” 

I’m not good under pressure. 

Megan clenches her fists and if I didn’t know her I may have thought she would have thrown a punch but I saw her bright pink nail polish the moment she walked in and I know she wouldn’t have risked messing up her polish 

She takes a breath “ok, it’s fine, its whatever, I don’t care” she chants to herself with her eyes closed

I place my bowl in the dishwasher and take my bag as I head for the door.

I assume Megan has opened her eyes when she yells “wait!” 

She comes rushing to me and pats down her hair and clothes with a sigh 

“Where’s your school bag?” I question when I notice she doesn’t have anything with her

“I’m not doing school you idiot”

I leave it at that. I’m not going to question her. 

“Alright let’s go then” 

I walk out the door and she follows suit 

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