when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 11

a million sorrys

His house is so cute. I wonder if he likes it. What was his house like before he moved here? Despite being new, he already has pictures up. Cute little baby Aaron and Jackson. Pictures of who I’m presuming are his mom and dad. There’s one of baby Aaron on his dad’s shoulders laughing. I notice all these pictures on my way downstairs to wherever Aaron’s dragging me to. 

We walk through the living room, it has a nice homey feel, it’s not all pristine and white, it has minimal things but I can imagine it being filled with all sorts of things. 

We walk into the kitchen and I sit in a stool by the island. Aaron’s rummaging through the fridge mumbling to himself. 

“Aaron?” I call out 

I hear a large bump and I watch as Aaron moves his head from the fridge, rubbing his head. “Shelf” he mumbles 

“Mhm, so anyway, I was wondering, are -are you okay? You’re very… out of it”

He blinks a few times before putting on a cheery grin “I’m just splendid thanks for asking” 

His grin then falls to a hard scowl as he continues rummaging through cabinets mumbling to himself “…**** clothes”

I try and lean closer to hear him “hmm? What’s up?”

His cheery grin comes back full force “nothing!” He cheers 

I sigh and put my head on the surface knowing I’ll just have to wait out his weird mood “are you even looking for anything? It’s been like 5 minutes and you haven’t touched one thing”

He scoffs and waves his hands dramatically “of course I’m looking for something, why else would I be rummaging around like a mad man?” 

I hum “oh I don’t know, maybe you’re practicing for broadway”

“Oh for sure, drama queen over here could be ******* famous” I turn my head to see Jackson leaning in the entrance “he acts like those girls at school, you know, heel wearing, foot-stomping, screeching banshees” 

I sputter a laugh “well for one, I hope I never encounter those girls, and two, so far I haven’t seen that side of Aaron” 

“God hopes you never do” he shakes his head giving a look at at a glaring Aaron 

“******* hell Jackson! I don’t act like that!” Someone’s hangry 

“Do you want me to just get some takeout?” I say trying to ease the situation 

“I’ve got you covered gorgeous” Jackson winks at me and walks to the freezer coming out with some ice cream. He looks between the two tubs he’s come out with “ick Aaron! You like this stuff?” He inspects the cotton candy ice cream like it was a strange specimen from space 

Yes Jackson, I don’t need your ******* permission to like ice cream” 

Jackson’s hands raise in defense “it’s just gross, no shade” 

I hold a finger out jumping into the conversation “I like cotton candy” I look to Jackson “sorry Jackson, I’m with Aaron in this one” 

He scoffs “yeah whatever. I’m not surprised, the one who gets Aaron to play in the rain Is bound to enjoy the same ice cream, it’s basically in the rule book” 

What’s that supposed to mean? What rule book? There’s no rule book. 

Jackson’s putting ice-cream into the bowls while making very unnecessary faces. He pretty much shoves the bowl into Aarons’s hands and starts scooping mine. 

When he gives it to me I go to eat it eagerly probably looking insanely unattractive. They both are looking at me and when I glance up I pause and mutter a “sorry” 

They both look down and continue eating from their bowls. Aaron with a little smile on his face while Jackson has a blank look. 

What a mood change. All because of freaking ice cream! 

This time, I eat a little less like a starving, ravenous dinosaur 

When I finish I end up having ice cream all over my hands. Oops. So like a baby I start to lick them. Both guys look at me again, Aaron with his spoon halfway up to his mouth. 

Wow Rowan , nice job making a fool of yourself

Again, I mutter a “sorry” and they resume finishing what’s left of their ice cream both with strained faces. 

Seriously what is up with the mood changes? 

I walk over to the sink and wash my hand like a normal person 

I sit and wait like a patient person, of course, I can only be still in a quiet place for long, as known by many I make quite the ruckus in classes, but we’re not in class, so I talk. 

“You know, when I was younger I thought cotton candy ice cream was a magic gift from the unicorn land where all the unicorns live and it would make me into real unicorn so I would eat it all the time, I’m pretty sure I had a problem, later on in my life, I never turned into a unicorn and I cried for a long time, then I was told it was made from unicorns and again I cried, then I didn’t eat it for a long time then even later on in life I learned it was just mainly sugar and milk so I ate it again and it’s like my favorite now, besides coffee ice cream, I love coffee ice cream! I could eat it forever and I never believed a single thing I was told about the bean people because one, I didn’t want to believe it was made from bean people, and I loved it too much” 

I would’ve continued but when I look back at the boys they are looking at me, mouths hanging open, unblinking

Again, I say “sorry”

Aaron chuckles “I don’t think you need any coffee” 

Jackson nods his head frantically “**** gorgeous, you sure can talk a lot” 

I narrow my eyes “well you sure can talk a little”

“Whatever” he mumbles 

I pat him on the back “nice come back”

He scowls at me and I stick my tongue out at him 

As the dishes are being cleaned, courtesy of Aaron due to Jackson’s threats which I don’t think Aaron cared about but just wanted to shut him up. 

I kept quiet on my opinions as to not hurt Jackson’s pride

Both of us go and sit on the couch while he decides to pick a movie because the rain is freaking relentless

“What do you want to watch?” He asks me

I shrug “I don’t really care, I may not even watch it, I don’t like movies” 

He looks at me like I’m crazy “you don’t like movies?”

I nod 

“But you like cotton candy ice cream”

I nod 

He sighs “you make no sense” 

I shrug again “maybe we could watch a tv show”

“Like what?”

I jump in excitement and a smile lights up on my face “oh please can we watch Arrow? It’s my favorite show ever!” 

His face lights up “No way! I love that show!” 

We both squeal in excitement as Aaron comes in

“You’re acting like a ******* teenage girl” he looks between both of us 

I roll my eyes “I am a teenage girl” 

He crosses his arms and looks at Jackson “what’s your excuse?” 

He mutters a “whatever” and Aaron sits on my other side “so what are we watching?” 

Me and Jackson both yell out “ARROW!” And we giggle in excitement 

Aaron rolls his eyes and we press play. 


“Holy ****! That was awesome!” 

“Ha! I freaking love that!”

“Stop! Oh my gosh! What are you doing you idiot!” 

“Omg omg omg ah!” 

“This show ******* sucks”

“Shut up Aaron!”



“Oh my god!”

“Didn’t see that coming”

“Can we stop now?”


“She’s so *********

“She’s evil”

“But hot”

*eye roll*

“Let’s do another one!”



“NO! why!?”

Aaron twirls the remote in his hands “I’ve had enough”

“Well we haven’t” Jackson glares at Aaron

He then lunges at Aaron, reaching for the remote 

Aaron falls to the ground as Jackson tries to yank it away, Aaron pushes him off and tries to get up but Jackson grabs his foot making him fall back down and the remote falls out of his hands. I perk up from the couch and quickly reach for the remote. I take it and start to run. 

I run through the house as Aaron follows quickly behind. I feel his fingers graze my back as he reaches for my shirt. He’s close and I start to panic. An idea sparks my brain and I stop suddenly. He crashes into my back and the impact propels my forward while pushing him back. As I’m thrust forward I topple and start to fall when I’m caught by Jackson. For the three and a half millionth time I say “sorry” but He just turns around, I quickly jump on his back. “Go!” He gets the message and we all run around the house, Jackson and I laughing and Aaron behind yelling threats and curses 

Aaron then does the most absurd thing, he jumps and lands on my back, Jackson falls thus creating a giant pile of Rowan, Aaron, and Jackson on the floor. 

We’re all groaning and mumbling about each other while I try to pick myself back up. 

As I stand on my feet, Aaron quickly swipes my feet out from under me and I fall on my butt with an ‘oomph’

“What the heck was that?” I whine/yell at Aaron 

He smiles and shrugs “revenge”

I grumble at him and stand again making sure to step away from him and I brush myself off 

“I should probably go, the rain stopped” I point outside. 

Inside I can’t help but feel sad, I had so much fun here, I wish I had friends who did this sooner 

I sigh and walk away from the brothers on the floor and I take my wet clothes and my things, very grateful that my phone is waterproof. But Aaron.. “hey Aaron? Is your phone waterproof?

He responds with an “mhm” and I let out a relieved sigh. I did kinda get him into the rain so I would have felt really bad if it broke. “I’ll return your clothes tomorrow at school okay Aaron?”

He walks over to the foyer where I am and comes close “keep them” 

I let out a laugh “it’s ok, I have enough clothes, I would hate to take your things” 

“I have enough. Consider it a gift” 

I sigh “okay.. well I’ll see you tomorrow” He leans into my ear “I’m really glad we’re friends”

But for some reason, his happy face falters a little when he says that. 

Maybe he doesn’t really want to be friends? 

No, I think he does

Then why.. never mind, if he doesn’t want to be friends, then he’ll tell me. 

I just hope he doesn’t tell me that. I’m glad we’re friends too. 

And I tell him exactly that.

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