when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 10

rainy days

As I’m walking around after the wonderful experience with Aaron, I find myself thinking of ted. Why hasn’t he called me yet? Seriously, how long does it take to know if you want to hire me? 

After long contemplation, I decided to stop by the bakery and see Ted in person. 

Upon entering, I see the pink-haired girl, I walk up to the counter and confidently say “I’m here for ted” 

She looks curiously at me “you were here a little while ago. correct?” 

I perk up. She remembers me! That’s good right? 

“Yes, yes I was. I came for the interview and have yet to hear from ted about his decision so I decided to come in person and ask him about it” 

She lets out an amused laugh “alright I’ll go check and see if he’ll see you” 

As she leaves I walk over to the glass with the delicious treats behind and I stare at them hoping if I stare hard enough They’ll appear on the other side of the glass, in front of me. Yum. 

When Angeline, the name from her name tag comes back, she gives a slight nod toward the back room I was in last time. 

I excitedly open the door causing it to swing open and hit the wall. Oops. 

“Hello. It’s me, Rowan, remember? From the interview?” 

He purses his lips before saying “of course, how could I forget you?”

I let out a relieved sigh, I’m glad he remembers, I would hate to have to do the interview again “well, I was just in the neighborhood and remembered how we exchanged numbers, meaning me giving my number to you, and was wondering how the ‘choosing’ process was going so I decided to come pay you a visit in person, it seems more personal to me” 

He takes a breath “yes rowan, I’ve been meaning to give you a call, just busy, business things, you know? Well anyway I’m sorry to say you’ve been declined” 

Declined? I’m not a credit card ted. 

“What do you mean declined? What was wrong with my interview?” 

“Well” he starts “you don’t have experience” I’m about to interject and remind him of my at home cooking practice but as if he reads my mind he quickly says “professional experience” 

I smile in a joking manner “ted, pal, how is anyone supposed to get experience if you only hire experienced employees?” 

Ted’s face moves into a slight scowl “Rowan, I’m sorry but you’re not hired, please go” 

My mouth pops open “you’re just going to kick me out? Cmon, let’s have a civil conversation, I’m sure we can handle this like adults” 

Rowan, my answer is final, please leave before I’m forced to take more drastic measures” 

I roll my eyes “what are you gonna do? Ban me?” 

He stares at me with a hard look, challenging me. I want to say something else but the thoughts of never seeing the sugary goodness just outside the door has me angrily stand and walk out the door. 

As I walk out of the door I see a blonde girl serving a family. When she gets done she turns and jumps back seemingly startled by my presence looking at her. 

We stare a little while longer before she says “can I help you?” 

I narrow my eyes and open my mouth to let her know what just went down angrily. I need to tell someone what they’re getting into. “Listen lady, your boss is a gigantic jerkface! He had the audacity to threaten to take away my Privilege of sweet treats! Who does that? Crazy people I tell you, here’s a secret, run while you can, ted, if that’s really his name, clearly is a big grumpy pants with no remorse, I bet he hates babies. And puppies, who hates puppies?!” I throw my hand in the air and shove them back down at my sides and huff angrily

She takes a step back as if I’ll explode at any second “um, I’m sorry?” Then she points to a customer and scurries off quickly. 

I lean on the counter and pout like a child looking at the ground until I hear my name being called. I look up and in the direction of the voice, when my eyes catch familiar brown ones I can’t help but smile happily at my new friend. He pauses, then he waves me over and I excitedly bounce over to his table “hiya Aaron!” 

He smiles a little “hey rowan. What are you doing here?” 

I scowl a little as I proceed to tell him the story from the interview to stomping out of his office

In the end, Aaron simply stares before bursting out in laughter. “You are something else”

I just smile a little and look at the table, his burning gaze making me a little warm 

I place my chin on my hands “so, what are you doing here?” 

He nods towards the window “waiting out the rain”

I frown “no no, that’s not right, rain is meant to be played in, cmon Aaron, we’re going to play” I say giving minimal room to argue. I’m sure he could do a lot to refuse, he’s much stronger than me and probably very hard to move forcefully, but mentally, ooo mentally, I’m very good at persuasion. 

“I don’t think so. It’s cold and I don’t have any clothes to change in, plus we could get sick, you’re probably more likely to get sick, you’re a tiny thing” Ooo he’s asking for the puppy eyes

I pull out my best puppy eyes and clasp my hand together “please please please!? It’ll be so fun! We can make our way towards your house so you can get clothes right away, please Aaron please. Plus, there’s no need to be pessimistic, I’ll be ok, A little cold never hurt anyone, well I guess it did but that’s beside the point” 

He sighs and turns back to his coffee. I sit waiting for his answer. After a minute or so, I have a feeling he’s ignoring me. I glare at him a little. What a party ******

I stand and bid him goodbye. I walk briskly through the door and into the rain. No ones on the street. I open my arms and catch the rain on my hands. I run and jump in multiple puddles getting terribly wet but I’m still enjoying myself. I walk over to a little garden. I stick my hands in the mud and paint a little on my arms and two stripes on my face, I know I look like a chi- 

“You look like a child” 

I whip my head across the street and see Aaron under the roof of the bakery 

I laugh “why thank you sir, are you here to join me?” 

He scoffs “no way, I’m just here for my own amusement” 

I walk over to him and when I’m a few feet away I shrug my shoulders “okay” 

He looks taken aback “what do you mean okay? You’re just going to give up that eas-“

Before he can finish his sentence I lift my foot and stop it down hard in a puddle between us, successfully soaking his and I’s pants. 

He looks shocked and I jog away “bye Aaron!” 

It’s quiet for a minute before I hear loud footsteps and splashing running after me. I turn around only to successfully be splashed by a giant puddle Aaron jumped in

I yelp in surprise And then giggle as he very slightly smiles down at me and whispers a “gotcha”

I wait a minute before looking over his shoulder and gasping. He quickly turns around and while he’s distracted I run and jump on his back, soaking his shirt with my already soaked self. He stumbles and loops his arms under my legs “what the **-“

I lean down by his ear acting as if I’m going to whisper something to him, that’s half right, I leaned down by his ear and yelled “gotcha!” 

I throw my head back in laughter 

“*******, are you trying to make me lose my hearing? My ear is ******* ringing”

I slap his back “oh shush with the language you drama queen you’re like my sister”

Then we start moving. I gasp a little and cling tighter “what’s happening? Where are we going? What’s going on?” 

I can feel him shaking as he laughs quietly continuing to walk with me on his back but he doesn’t answer

As we walk, well, as he walks, I recognize the park I was in a little while ago, you know with my fields, and paths, and ponds.. my thoughts pause as I see him heading for the dock by the water. “Aaron? W-what’s happening? Please tell me we’re going to feed the ducks”

As I hear the sound of his footsteps on the wooden dock I grow a little more nervous. As we reach the end, I cling a little tighter. He wouldn’t

“Do you see any ducks, Rowan?” 

“N-” I can’t even finish as he runs forward and I let out a shriek, then we’re airborne. 

Then we’re submerged 

I flail a little in the water before I surface. I look around and when my eyes meet a laughing Aaron I glare at him. 

“What the fluff was that?!” I exclaim loudly 

Through his fit of laughter, he manages to get out “you want to play games? We’ll play.”

I swim over to him and swat his head. “I could’ve drowned!” 

He then grabs my waist and uses one arm to start swimming back to the shore. “At least you didn’t get sick” 

I roll my eyes as his feet finally hit the bottom and we start walking

“Let me go, I can walk now” he raises an eyebrow but lets me go. I imminently sunk under the water. Clearly he knew I was too short to reach the bottom. He let me go anyway!

I feel his arm around my waist yet again as I’m pulled back up and pulled close to him

“Are you kidding me? I could have drowned!” I repeated and hit his chest. I accidentally focus a little too much on the contours of his chest. How toned and hard it feels. I quickly force my mind somewhere else.

It’s still raining out which is not helping the fact that we are now both soaked to the bone

“Well now I definitely have to change,” he says through a small smile shaking his head “I live near here, you can stay for a little bit and borrow something and then head home when the rain subsides, good?” 

I nod my head as he places me on the grass and I walk with him as my shoes create little puddles at the bottom with every step I take 

I suddenly bump into him as he stops abruptly “what? What’s wrong? What happened?” 

He looks over at me and grins. He leans over by my ear “race ya!” He yells. Then he takes off running. I jump in surprise before recovering from my shock and sprint to catch up. 

He’s fast. I can barely keep up but I manage to push myself so I’m only a few feet away. I’m fully aware that he will win either way because I don’t know where I am going and have to follow him but the chase is still fun. 

We pass by many houses and streets before he abruptly turns left and up some steps slamming his hands on the door “winner!” 

I scowl knowing he knew I would never win but I soon smile with him,

He’s about to say something when the door swings open. On the other side is clearly Aaron’s brother. Same hair color, same eyes, although the guy in the doorframe is taller and looks older. “What the hell are you doing out in the rain Aaron?” He pauses looking him over “and why are you completely drenched? You go ******* swimming or something?” 

Aaron shares a knowing look with me and I giggle. “Let us in idiot, I’m only getting wetter out here”

The other guy just grumbles “I didn’t know that was even possible” he moves opening the door more and stepping aside. “Stay in the foyer, I’ll get you towels”

We step inside and create a giant pool of water on the nice hardwood floors and I instantly feel bad “I’m so sorry about your floors”

Aaron shakes his head only getting more water on the floor “it’s ok”

When his brother comes back with a bunch of towels he hands three to Aaron and smiles a little at me, giving me the other three towels. 

As I’m Toweling off I smile at the brother and take it into my own hands to start the introductions “hi there, I’m Rowan, Aaron’s friend” I point at Aaron who’s face darkens a little at my words. I thought we were past this whole ‘I hate your voice’ stuff 

The other guy extends his hand and shakes mine “Jackson, the brother” 

I smile at him “wonderful to meet you”

He winks “you too gorgeous, not everyday you meet a beautiful girl” 

I laugh “not every day I get such a wonderful compliment, thank you” 

Aaron then walks over to me with an angry look on his face. “That’s enough Jackson, we need to change” 

Aaron starts to pull me up the stairs and I wave goodbye to Jackson. 

“Okay, so you can wear something of mine”

He rummages through his clothes and hands me a black shirt, which might I say is incredibly soft, and some sweatpants 

I give thanks as he shows me to the bathroom and I change, the shirt is very long but I don’t mind, and I put on the pants, luckily the whole pond incident cleaned the dirt off me

When I come out I make my way back to Aaron’s room, I walk over and see him pulling a shirt over his head, leaving his torso exposed. I suck in a breath as my eyes widen. I quickly flatten myself against the wall outside his room. How can someone look so good? 

I don’t hear anything but I really don’t want to risk looking back in and catching him without his pants or something. Really? Yes! Shut up. 

After a moment or two, I start to move but a figure pops out and yells a “boo!” I scream and move my hands to try and brace myself for the kill. 

“Wow rowan, you really need to work on your reflexes, give a punch at least” 

I open my eyes to find Aaron looking at me with amusement very clearly etched on his face. 

“I mean really rowan, you were just waiting to be ki-” he doesn’t finish as his mouth stays parted as he looks me up and down 

I wave a hand in front of his face “hello?” 

“Oh, uh” he clears his throat “hi” 

His eyes blaze as he quickly takes my hand “food? Yeah, let’s get food” and he drags me downstairs.

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