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Caused by a Car

By @ColorfulAlpaca

Two Years Later

I have my drivers license, and moms old car. It’s Corbin’s birthday in two days, and his mom told me where his college is, so I’m going to surprise him.

“Are you sure the car can handle this?” Mom asks, throwing his gift in the car. “Mom, it’s fine. This car has been around half the time I have, and I’m in good shape.” I laughed. “Kind of.” Mom shuts the door, and I start driving.

I knock again, maybe he didn’t hear. Finally, the door opens. “Ava?” Corbin looks tired. “Yep,” I say grinning. “It’s me.” Corbin smiles weakly. “Do you… remember me?” I nod, and hand him the bag. “Happy early birthday.” He looks up at me, and places the bag down. “Ava, you shouldn’t be here… around me.” I snort. “Nonsense,” I reply. “We’re best friends. Or…” I stop smiling when I see his face. “Or, we used to be?” Corbin sighs, his eyes cold and tired. “Ava I’m not the same person you became friends with all those years ago,” he paused. “I’m not.” He stops looking at me. “I doubt you’re the same girl I fell in love with, either,” he muttered, so quietly I’m sure I misheard him.

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