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What Makes Beauty?

By @DashRavens7801


Makeup is fake. No, Makeup is being insecure.

Thin is pretty. No, thin is pain, scars, and suicide.

Stretch marks are ugly. No, they are normal for everyone even celebrities.

Scars are disgusting. No, they are the marks of survivors.

She’s too tall. No, she’s perfect the way she is.

She’s too fat. No, she’s pretty no matter her size or shape.

He’s too scrawny. No, he’s fine the way he is.

He’s mean. No, he has trouble expressing himself.

He’s scary. No, he’s actually very kind hearted despite his appearance.

You’re a girl not a boy. No, they’re who they can be whoever they want to be.

Gay is a sin. No, it’s not about gender it’s about love.

Stop being so depressed, there are so many things to be happy about. No, they’re dealing with pain is there way. if they want help they can always ask.

So what is beauty? Beauty is just a word in a book whose definition was decided by a bunch of dead people. We can make our own definition of beauty.

So I don’t need makeup?

or to be thin?

to hide my stretch marks and scars?

I’m not too tall or too scrawny?

I’m not mean or scary?

I can be a girl or boy?

I can be gay?

Being depressed is okay?

Yes, beauty is not based on our bodies or our minds. Beauty is based on everything because everyone and everything is equally beautiful.

So I am beautiful?

Yes my dear you are beautiful and so much more.

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