What Happens After You Die?

By @Vivia
What Happens After You Die?

A story that I'm basing on the genre "light novel"

Chapter 1


Adriana Tilia was lying in her hospital bed, plastic threaded through her veins, needles stuck in her blood vessels. Doctors ran around her, frantically yelling orders that she couldn’t understand. Her twin, Darin, sat beside her, stroking her hand. Tears were pooling at the corner of his eyes. It was hard to see his other half lying unconscious on a hospital bed, the heart monitor beeping frantically as her heart and lungs desperately tried to catch enough air to survive. Her pale lilac eyes fluttered open, having just enough air to regain awareness. She tried to smile at her brother, her candy-colored lips trembling. “What’s going to happen to me?” she asked her brother. “Am I going to die now? Will I see Mama again?”. “I don’t know, Adri.” Darin said, his voice cracking on the last word. “I just don’t know.”. The drips of salt water started to stream down his cheeks. “It’s not fair Adri. I should have been the one in the hospital bed. I just don’t get why Dad was so drunk today. You shouldn’t have tried to protect me, Adri.” His sob escaped him, gallons of fury at their dad and despair because of Adriana. His sister smiled. “It’s okay, Darin. You would have done the same for me. Plus,” she joked. “You can go do whatever you want now. Go buy sandwiches, walk in the park, go home with a bunch of girls hanging off your arms without telling them who I am…” The two laughed. Darin remembered a time when their family was complete, their lives content.

Suddenly, the heart monitor started to beep frenetically. Adriana gasped, trying to get the pain away from her heart, blood oozing from every cut and gash she’d gotten from her father. Darin, who understood immediately, started to bury his head in his arms. “Nononononono it’s too early for her to go! Adriana Marquez Tilia, I forbid you from dying! You can’t go!” Adriana grinned faintly. “Yes…. Sir….” Her eyes fluttered shut, her lungs given up. Darin hurled a howl of agony and pain, as his sister’s heart beat it’s last beat.

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