By @danielliemandi


By @danielliemandi

A little girl comes into her own.

Chapter 1

“You’re a weirdo!” He said, with utter disdain in his eight year old voice, believing the words he just said to be the equivalent of a shakespearean curse. It might of well had been, it had the just effect on our heroine. Well, she will become our heroine. She has to fight some battles first, as all do before they can be considered a hero.

She liked to spend her free time in class writing stories of dragons and knights in her scraggly handwriting. She especially liked her stories because the dragons were always girls, and the knights never won, but instead ran in fear when they saw the fearsome beast that lived at the top of the mountain.

She once showed her stories to the twelve year old boy, who sneered in a rather joking manner.

“Dragons can’t be girls, and the knights always win. That’s the whole point!” He would say.

“No,” She replied in her quiet, yet firm voice. “They can be whatever I want them to be, that’s the whole point.”

He would roll his eyes and walk away.

When she was sixteen, she won a writing contest in her school for a story about a dragon that turned out to just want a friend. The knights had it all wrong, and this story proved it. The boy walked up to her.

“I want to tell you you’re beautiful.” He said.

“I know this.” She replied, knowing her worth.

“You’re words are beautiful.” He tried.

“I know this as well, I’ve worked hard to make them that way.”

She turned to walk away, but as she did, he grabbed her by the hand and stopped her.

“Where are you going?”

“A dragon doesn’t give attention to a measly knight.” And off she flew, on wings of fire.

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