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Wayward Sis

By @Al1996


You see the tall girl with the shaved sides and hair brushed over to the right? That’s Deanna Annabel Winchester. She comes off as tough and strong willed but deep down she’s a teddy bear with a few issues with her dad. Look over to her left. The tall girl with the medium length brown hair and nerd like appearance is Samantha Alice Winchester. She’s optimistic, smart, and good at messing things up. Deep down Sam is damaged and drowning in her own pain and misery. These two are hunters. They hunt down the things that go bump in the night. Things that no one in their right god ****** mind would think ever existed outside of childhood fears and imagination. That’s what they do everyday and have been ever since Sam was a few months old and Dee was four years old. Their dad Johnathan Henry Winchester became a broken man when his wife of only a few years was found on the ceiling burning. Dee had to grab her sister and run out of the house before it lite up in flames.

Deanna woke up in a cold sweat from another nightmare. More like the same one. The image of her mother burning and her father telling her to take Sam and run. She got up and walked into the bathroom of the cheep motel that they were staying in. she looked in the mirror and panted slowly as tears ran down her face “Screw you dad” she whispered before sitting down on the toilet. She hid her face in her hands and wiped away the tears. Dee got up and went back to bed but she didn’t go back to sleep. She could hear her younger sister crying but pretended she couldn’t hear it. She knew too well not ask what was wrong. she’d learned the hard way.

In the other room in the bed nearest the bathroom Sam wept into her pillow as she dreamed on the last time she’d ever see John happy and the last time she’d ever see him. She had only gotten back into hunting a few years ago because as Deanna put it “Dads on a huntin’ trip and hasn’t been back in a few days.” so she left Stanford for going off to find dad. She had also been crying because when she had gotten back from a weekend of hunting she found her fiance dead on the ceiling and on fire. Just like mom. For now she’d hold back her feelings and pretend that she was okay. Sam pulled the covers over her head and she didn’t want her sister seeing her shaking or even hearing her.

The next morning they packed up without a word and got into the Impala. It was four hours and six miles before either of them spoke. Deanna was the first to speak “How’d ya sleep kiddo?” a slight smile formed on her face as she saw Sam’s expression in the mirror. “I slept fine” she mumbled as she stared out of the window and watched the passing fields and trees. Dee sighed and said “I heard you crying. did you have that dream again?” Sammy nodded and continued to not make eye contact. Deanna pulled over the side of the road and shut off the engine.Sam looked over at her sister “I don’t wanna talk about it.” Deanna shook her head ‘no’ and replied “Baby ain’t goin’ no where until we talk this over.” she took the keys out of the ignition and slipped them into her bra. “Fine. It was that dream where I see Jess die!” she shouted as tears began to fall down her cheeks. Dee skoothed over and hugged her baby sis. They sat and hugged in silence until they were ready to keep driving.

They drove in silence until they reached the town of Lebanon, Kansas. They where headed for a secret bunker and then when they made the turn into the garage their eyes widen as they see a 1967 Chevy Impala parked in their usual spot. Dee parks the car next to the other one and grabs her things and her gun. Sam follows her sister gun raised and ready to fire. They made their way into the kitchen where they saw two men in flannel and jeans. One looked about 6’1 and the other seemed to be a few inches taller. The shorter of the two had short hair and the taller had medium length brown hair. “WHO ARE YOU AND WHY THE **** ARE YOU HERE?!” Deanna yelled her gun aimed at both men. Both men flinched and looked over to see the sisters. “My name is Dean Winchester and this is my brother Sam.” Dean responded cautiously. Samuel waved cautiously. Dee lowered her gun “My names Deanna and this is my sister Samantha.” Sammy waved “Hi”. Sam walked over to Samuel and they began talking. Deanna looked over at Dean “So I saw that you have a 67 Chevy impala. What’s her name?” she asked as she slowly calmed down and put her gun away. Dean smiled “Her names Baby” Deanna blushed “That’s my car’s name too” Dean and Deanna looked at each other in silence. They quickly looked away and sat down.

Samantha looked at Sam and asked “So what got you into hunting?” he took a deep breath “Our dad taught us.” Sammy nodded as if to say ‘Same here’. She then began to tell him what happened “Dad started hunting right after our mom died in a house fire. He was hell bent on finding the son of a ***** who killed her. And after years of trying and failing my sister and I found him and made sure he knew what real pain felt like.” Samuel stood in silence and began to cry. He knew what it was like to have a dad that was obsessed with finding the one thing responsible for killing his mom. He knew that pain all too well. He hugged her tightly and she hugged back.

Dean over heard what Samantha had said and looked back over at Deanna “Rough childhood?” she nodded “Dad was a bit of an ass and made sure that we got military style training. when I was ten and Samantha was six our dad dropped us off at a army buddy of his and asked him if he could train us to fight and gank ****.” Dean smiled softly “What was his name?” Deanna cleared her throat “Bobby”

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